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Waiting list update just to bring it to the top of the blog

So as you may know by now my life has been a little topsy turvey for the last few months which has affected the waiting list


I am now back to full speed and rest assured everyone who has been waiting on items will get them In fact I went and did a big leather suede and fur shop today to make sure everything in in ready

I am currently working on some orders that are well overdue but am aiming to make 5-10 items a week to clear these up

the order book currently has 57 orders in it with 83 items to be made  some of these items go back to the start of the year I am sad to say  but I am working through them very fast now  and am hoping to catch up to the  12-14 weeks by the end of this month


New Orders from this date 11/07/2016

I am trying to bring the waiting list down  so I shall be aiming for roughly a 12 week delivery from today

This is providing that noting major happens in my life  ( about time I had a break to be fair)

Please note that all delivery times are only approximations and not guarauntees as per out terms and conditions


Off the shelf

Some people seem to be confused that custom order work is off the shelf because they pick “standard” colours and the item shows in stock  ..  the instock tag allows me to control what I can and cannot make due to supply problems, Basically its pretty somple if you pick your colours and options its a custom item … I dont keep the 3 million colour combinations in stock sorry to disapoint anyone

THE ONLY SECTION on the website that is not custom order os the off the shelf /ready to ship page

This is the only page that the waiting time does not apply, if you order from the custom order section something that is identically in the off the shelf note that someone can step in and take the item from the off the shelf section and you will have to wait for your item in the normal queue or not  (yes even if it is all black)  Please dont ask me to queue jump you or make it quickly because I cannot do it at the minute