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a few things that may disrupt the queue a little upcoming

ok so stuff thats happening over the next couple of months
23-27th April I will be again in Berlin

so I will be prety much incommunicado

We have sold the house again after waiting since June for our buyer to get his shit together I got bored and remarketed the house which has now sold again we have stipuluated an 8 week completion so around the middle of May we should finally be moving … everything crossed

This will cause the major disruption as its not just a house move its the workshop as well as we are moving about 100 miles away. I anticipate around a 2 weeks shutdown to sort everything out

I will finally not be working out of boxes

but after that is should be plain sailing

Your patience is appreciated while this is going on

I have also updated the deliver information page to clarify the position on Ready to ship items and updated waiting times