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Themed Toys

This month we went a bit DC crazy and made a set of toys themed after The Joker and Harley Quinn from the Batman comics. The set includes two large floggers and two 4 foot premium snake whips, each coloured and themed after one of the characters.

Check them out!

The Joker – Flogger | Whip

Harley Quinn – Flogger | Whip

'The Joker' whip with matching flogger (available separately)

While it was a fun project, it was also a great showcase for our themed toys – we have so many leather and cord colours to choose from that we can make almost any of our toys suit a particular character, sports team, family crest… you name it! Add one of our glass conchos with a custom image for that perfect, finishing touch.

We add popular themes to our Themed Toys section – we have Dr Who, Hello Kitty, Batman and Jack Daniels, to name a few. But you don’t need to choose from just those designs! The options for our custom toys give you the flexibility to make any theme your heart desires, and if you can’t find something you want, just pop us an e-mail and we’ll see what we can do!