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Christmas Custom Orders

We know, it’s only October. Who want’s be to be thinking about Christmas this early? Not us! [Bah humbug]

However, in order to avoid disappointment in the coming months (and also to answer questions we’ve already been receiving via private message and e-mail) we wanted to put together a little Christmas FAQ for those who are considering ordering some toys for their loved ones.

Q1.) What is your Christmas waiting time?

We can’t say how many orders we will get for Christmas delivery, so we like to err on the side of caution and say that the waiting time for Christmas orders will be at least 8 weeks. However, barring unexpected floods and meteor collisions, we get everything made and sent before Christmas so don’t panic!

Q2.) When should I order for Christmas delivery?

In order to account for the number of orders we may receive and to avoid those last, unpredictable days of pre-Christmas post, we ask customers to ensure allcustom orders for Christmas delivery are submitted and paid for by mid October. Orders for Ready To Ship toys can be placed until a few days before Christmas,check here for the Royal Mail Christmas posting guide!

Q3.) I really want a custom toy for Christmas but I can’t pay for it until after the last order dates/I need it faster because I’m going abroad for Christmas/etc, what should I do?

Get in touch with us! If you have some special circumstances, let us know and we’ll do what we can to work around them.

Q4.) Do you offer guaranteed Christmas delivery?

No, we do not. We put the above guidelines into place in order to make the pre-Christmas period go as smoothly as possible. The vast majority of orders will arrive in time for Christmas – in fact, I can’t think of a single order that has missed Christmas. However, we are at the mercy of the postal service. UK orders are typically not a problem, but we can’t promise that an international order will not be held up in customs or delayed in transit. For this reason, we do not offer gift vouchers, refunds or other compensation for delayed Christmas deliveries. But as I said, we’ve have a lot of happy customers with kinky toys under their trees in years past!

Q5.) Do you have any Christmas discounts?

Yes! We’re running a pre-Christmas offer on matched pairs of singletail whips which equates to one whip HALF PRICE with code: santa1

The code now also applies to custom sets from this section of the website:

Any other questions? Let us know via e-mail (, Fetlife, Facebook or Tumblr, and we’ll add them to the list 🙂

Bad Santa!
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