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50 Shades of Grey …..



Well the movie is out and yes I have seen it

I have not read the books. I don’t think the movie was half bad myself.


But ..


I am not going to jump on the 50 shades hype band wagon and here is why –


The books (from what I have heard from people who have read them) are shockingly written and paint a very bad picture of BDsM relationships.


A lot of the 50 shades branded merchandise is in my opinion badly made and aimed at people who know no better with massive mark ups because of film rights.


A lot of the toys in the film were cheap and nasty  (there were a few quality pieces though) certainly not the play room of a Billionaire in my opinion


If you want a 50 shades themed toy we can make you one without having them specifically listed on the site


I just think it is a lot of hype and wind as is usual for Hollywood


and that’s about all I wanted to say in this post


ciao for now