We’re going to rank our toys with three ratings – a thump rating, a sting rating and a thud rating. This is not an exact science and your milege may vary!

Sting: sharp sensation that is very localised, such as from a singletail whip or thin cane
Thud: heavy, deep sensation that usually comes from a rigid object, such as a thick cane
Thump: heavy, deep sensation that usually comes from a flexible object, such as a heavy suede flogger

Each rating is out of ten, and in order to give a comparison, here are some example ratings:

Singletail whip:
0/10 thud
0/10 thump
10/10 sting

Large dragon tail:
0/10 thud
3/10 thump
7/10 sting

Med. suede flogger:
2/10 thud
5/10 thump
3/10 sting

Heavy suede flogger:
4/10 thud
10/10 thump
3/10 sting

‘Walking stick’ cane:
10/10 thud
0/10 thump
4/10 sting

Clearly, whether a toy fulfills it’s sting-thud-thump potential depends on how it is used. While a singletail whip is capable of slicing the skin and giving some of the most intense ‘sting’ of any toy, not all scenes using a singletail are going to hit that 10/10 sting rating (and nor should they – play to your limits, it’s not a competition!). Similarly, a heavy suede flogger can max out the thump rating if the main part of the falls are used with enough force, but can also be very sensual if used gently, and even have a surprising sting if the tips of the falls are flicked.