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so there have been some changes round here

here are 2 writings that we put up recently on fetlife …. sad news but not the end of the story … so this is how it is for the near future at least …

my announcement …

so its been a tough year

Very very tough

but I’m still here (much to the disappointment of some)
and I am not going anywhere fast

This year has been rough starting with all the hassle of me doing what I thought was the right thing.. (I still think it was) and all the backlash from that.. almost cost me everything including my mind.

This has had a knock on effect mega stress in my relationship with the dragon which has all fallen apart

BUT I am still here

Impact-toys has had its creations slashed to what I make now

but I am still here

The year isnt over yet but I am so looking forward to closing this one off

the last week has been heart breakingly rough

Its by no means the end once I am a bit more settled I will start making floggers again probably not on the scale Az was doing but ill make a few here and there for sets etc

I am going to start what I have been saying for ages and play with some Kip whips

so onwards and upwards

I would like to thank everyone for their support over the last year its been rough but made bearable by the support of others

officially the order book close yesterday for christmas orders

but I am going to extend it another week as I havent really been being attentive to the business this last week

so 9th Nov order book closes for pre christmas whips and devil tails and anything on the site

you can still use SANTA1 on on matched pairs of whips for a whopping discount

you can still use GET10 on for 10% off your basket

if you cant decide what to get that special someone then why not get them some gift vouchers and let them decide they are available on both sites

I would like to once again thank everyone for their support over the last year
Especially Az (the dragon) who without her I would have probably lost my mind totally and the business

Love and Light



the dragons writing


To my friends, please read.

Today, Daz and I came to the agreement that I shall no longer be involved with My remaining commitment is to ensure that existing custom orders for floggers and dragons are fulfilled, and this shall be done in a timely manner as close as possible to the quoted waiting times. All Christmas orders will be sent out in time to go under the tree.

The remaining ‘Ready To Ship‘ items that are already made and ready for posting are still available on the website but no more floggers and dragons will be made for this purpose. We hope that these remaining items find new homes with those who will appreciate them – there is a little bit of our heart in each of them.

It has been a very difficult year for both of us and sadly this has taken it’s toll on our personal and professional relationship. After removing my collar in July, we continued to work together and maintain a friendship (and a certain romance) but we have decided that it is now better for both of us to go our separate ways.

As Daz says on the @Edgeplay_co_uk profile – a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us in this venture and as friends, there have been some wonderful times and those of you who have our toys, please cherish them 🙂

There is great sadness and grief here for something that was so important to both of us, and it is with love that I wish him the best for the future.

– Az


chokes me to read them now … but we go on

Az is finishing off her work book and may make a few on offs when she knows what materials she has left over

and I will probably still make the odd flogger or 2 in the future


I have to get my head around tidying up the website  to take out the irrelevant sections, but for now I am concentrating on the plaiting and getting the workbook as small as possible so bear with me


its been a great couple of years


And we  would like to thank everyone that has supported us


we hope your toys bring you many years of pleasure


not the end 😉