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so back up and running again

so back up and running again

running being the operative word

last week there were about 60 orders in the book now below 50

its been a manic couple of months with everything that can go wrong going wrong again

but I am back in the saddle and making stuff and getting it out there as you may have noticed by the pictures I have been posting

still along way to go to get the list where I want it

I have had my eye right off the ball with everything work wise

to the point so far this month Impact toys has had ZERO orders as I type this
my longest blank run ever

but then again I have hardly been here posting anything

So I really am focused on getting the list down there are still a few lose end to tie up on the house (like replacing all the windows etc) but we have working (mainly) electrics now and heating and hot water and have found most of the stuff (the box of made items still remains elusive) my 2 week downtime on the work from due to the move turned into more like 6 weeks 

but I am focused on in the next 6 weeks or so clearing most of the list as you can see from this picture I have just about every flogger on order cut ready for the handles to be plaited and everything to be put together

so full steam ahead I am to do at least one order a day (sometimes more sometimes less if its a big one)

what I need now is cashflow as always I have a load of ordering to do and lots and lots of post to pay for

so here is the deal

from now until the end of the month on all custom orders (ready to ship / off the shelf are excluded from this)

use code

for 35% off your basket of qualifying items

if you want to place a larger order

will give 40% off any order placed over £200

this offer will only last until midnight UK time 31st July 2017

only available on

and dont forget is open too for all the general kinky sexy stuff