6 Foot Premium Bull Whips (Matched Pair)




This is a matched pair of 6 foot synthetic 16 plait bull whips constructed with a leather shot bag core, leather bolster and single or double  plaited synthetic bellies.

We use a mix of ultra fine shot to give our whips a smooth weight-taper.

As standard we finish our whips off with a concho and a turks head knot with pineapple interweave.

Comes with a carry bag, spare crackers and replacement falls.

Options include:

  • A wrist or hanging loop either in a flat or round braid
  •  Choose from American style or Australian style
  • Choice of handle lengths
  • A wide range of colours
  • Standard or custom conchos

The Australian Style:

A single 10 plait belly over a leather shot bag and leather bolster, giving a slimmer, lighter whip with a slimmer handle. Finished with a 16 plait overlay.

The American Style:

A double bellied whip, plaited over a leather shot bag and leather bolster, giving a thicker, heavier whip with a thicker handle. Finished with a 16 plait overlay.

Check our Personalisation section for optional concho styles including engraved and custom conchos.

Click here to see our full range of cord colours, including special order colours, and more information about our plaiting patterns.


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