Zombie Kitty Whip



A paracord snake whip in Zombie Kitty colours – black, bright pink and bright green – with glass Zombie Kitty character concho.

Made to the same high standard as all of our whips. Choose from one of two build types – our budget and veggie-friendly construction with our carefully developed lead weight core, or our higher spec construction with a leather shot bag and leather bolster. Both are excellent whips, but the leather shot bag core gives the whip a smoother taper and more fluid throw.

Finished with a turks head knot.

Choose from:

  • 3 foot snake whip
  • 4 foot snake whip
  • 5 foot snake whip

Other sizes and styles of whip available – build your own whip from our custom whip listings and add a Zombie Kitty concho

Made to order, please see our custom order waiting times.

(Picture shows a 3 foot with lead weight core)


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