Water buffalo whip (Leather whip of water buffalo Hide)


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One of the exceptions to my rule of nothing on this site is imported or made by others

Made by my very good friend Dan in Denmark I just couldn’t resist bringing back some of his floggers to the UK Market

In Dan’s words from his website with a little translation help from google and myself


Water buffalo whip (Leather whip of water buffalo skin)

A fantastic whip made that Water buffalo hide which is a super exciting leather that on the surface feels soft and delicious but …


Water buffalo whip (Leather whip of water buffalo skin)

One of the whips you miss at first glance because it feels soft and delicious but when you get to work a bit with it you find that the soft leather is not so soft at all.
It is actually quite firm in it and goes quite deep into the muscle, however, without leaving any pain in the skin, a really exciting whip with a lot of possibilities in addition to the obvious heavy blow that goes all the way to the leg so it can actually be used as a heater then a very versatile whip.

Facts and the whip

The handle of the whip is 20 cm. long where approximately 16 cm is coated with rubber for a better grip. The falls are of water buffalo leather which is 3-4 mm thick they are cut into wedges, where when they go into the handle they are about 5mm wide and 20mm at the other end.

As with any leather the grain can change from hide to hide varying from deep markings (pictured) to relatively smooth


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