The Fist / Orgasm whip, leather whip


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One of the exceptions to my rule of nothing on this site is imported or made by others

Made by my very good friend Dan in Denmark I just couldn’t resist bringing back some of his floggers to the UK Market

In Dan’s words from his website with a little translation help from google and myself


Orgasm whip

With the right knowledge and technique you can with approx. 10 beats turn a woman into orgasm.

It is a 50 cm. long floggers that have a 20 cm. long rubberized handle. The Falls are 30 cm. long and they are cut from heavy furniture leather, the falls are cut like wedges, giving the ends a good weight.
The whip is handmade and in Danish high quality.

This whip is great for giving a good ending to both men and women. Both whip as bang with focus on pleasure and joy but can also be used as punishment. Whipping in it just can be an incredibly intense experience for both the whip but also the whip

Tips for using The Fist:

The length makes the whip super easy to use and thus you can also get quite close to the receiver and thus the experience becomes more intimate, which highlights this equipment positively.

As a heat stroke with this whip, hit with as much of the length of the falls on the area as you want to warm.

If you want to achieve the effect that the name stands for, only hit with the outer 5-7 cm. of the snowflakes.

If you want a really heavy blow, you have to hit with the whole touch surface and here you can advantageously stand on the side of what you want to hit.

The whip is also really good on the back and can with a heavy blow, blow some air out of the lungs.

Here’s how to whip a woman for orgasm. video link is NSFW


its has also been reviewed on a Danish website but youll have to use google translate to read it in full


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