The Cutter Rubber flogger


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One of the exceptions to my rule of nothing on this site is imported or made by others

Made by my very good friend Dan in Denmark I just couldn’t resist bringing back some of his floggers to the UK Market

In Dan’s words from his website with a little translation help from google and myself

The Cutter

it’s called because it cuts into the skin. But only in the epidermis and on a very hot bump. Gives a comfortable feel to your slave while giving it a good run for the next play! A great tool for the more extreme SM users! Can advantageously be used with our other sex toys!

The Cutter a rubber whip with a hardcore effect.

The whip is made of clear rubber that is cut into slices which are almost square. The cut edges are not rounded, they are attached to a steel handle, parts of the handle are coated with rubber and there is a small collar at the end of the handle of the whip which provides a better grip during use. 

It can be used for both pleasure and  whipping as punishment . Whipping with it just can be an incredibly intense experience for both the user but also the recipient

Tips for using this whip.

The Cutter is called it because it cuts into the skin. But only in the epidermis and on a very hot bump. It is 50 cm. long, has 28 falls, one 16 cm. handle with 12 cm. rubber coating.

A really nasty SM whip that is evil in every way. I would recommend that the recipient is a slave or slave who is trained to receive an endless and turn on skin pain or as part of a punishment 


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