Sky & Black Mini Snake Whip


A 2 foot mini snake whip in sky blue and black.

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With a total length of 3.5 feet (2 foot thong + 12″ fall + 6″ cracker) this mini snake is ideal for use indoors and at play parties.

A great introduction to play whips for someone who finds a larger whip a bit intimidating, and a versatile addition to any established whip collection.

Made to the same high standard as all of our handcrafted whips, this lead weighted 12 plait whip will crack with ease – if anyone tells you that short whips won’t crack, they’ve clearly not tried one of ours!


  • Lead weighted core
  • Bound and bolstered
  • 8 plait belly
  • 12 plait overlay
  • 6 bight turks head knot
  • Silvery concho
  • Fancy whipmakers plaiting

Sensation Rating:

Thud – 0/10
Thump – 0/10
Sting – 9/10


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