Horsehair Flogger (off the shelf)


Available on backorder



One of the exceptions to my rule of nothing on this site is imported or made by others

Made by my very good friend Dan in Denmark I just couldn’t resist bringing back some of his floggers to the UK Market

In Dan’s words from his website with a little translation help from google and myself


Horse Hair flogger


Horse hair floggers give a unique scratchy slightly stingy sensation

the handle is about 20cm long and the horse hair tails are about 40cm long (these can vary due to the nature of a natural product)


I recommend keeping these floggers on an old stocking when in your kit to stop them getting knotted up


this is a pre order listing I am expecting these around 3rd April 2020 and then to have a continued stock


Please note the off the shelf stock quantity is what we have on hand
I can get more of these but they will take a little time around 2-3 weeks back orders will be allowed

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