Sjambok (rustic) 12 plait 3 foot



The fearsome South African Sjambok was originally carved from a single piece of Rhino hide

Rhino hide is now illegal to work with and if you are lucky you may find a vintage one. If you do grab it with both hands you wont regret it

The alternative is to plait a sjambok

The sjambok is constructed very like a whip but is a lot stiffer and the weighting runs right out to the tip

It is more like a flexible cane


Sjambok (rustic) 12 plait 3 foot construction

The construction of this starts with a Kip shotbag filled with #15 lead shot

This is then bolstered in Kip and bound with artificial sinew

A 10 plait belly is then plaited over this bolstered again in kip and bound again before the final 12 plait is put over the top. There are 8 tails hitched off at the end approx 4 inches long and 6mm wide

It is then finished with a 3 plait flat wrist loop (optional) with an 8 bite 2 pass turks head knot

Available in a natural tan or Straw tan (pictured)

Custom hand dyeng available on request and at additional cost


Rustic Style

I wanted the rustic range to look like something that would hang on a dungeon wall as opposed to the very fine fancy show plaiting so its chunky and functional


Check our Personalisation section for optional concho styles including engraved and custom conchos.

If you would like to further customise this toy, please contact us ( to discuss your requirements. Possible customisation includes:

  • higher/lower plait count
  • differeing overall length
  • hand dyeng
  • longer/shorter tails


Please note these are custom order items



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