Light Large Flogger


A large, light flogger that can deliver mild-moderate impact. This flogger will tend to be stingier than it’s full-weight sibling, but can also deliver milder sensations as it has less weight. If you choose a long handle and wide falls, this flogger behaves more like a flail.

  • 8″ or 12″ oak handle
  • Handle plait in custom colours
  • 18″ long falls
  • 10 wide falls or 20 narrow falls
  • Turks head knot
  • Concho

Check our Personalisation section for optional concho styles including engraved and custom conchos.

If you would like to further customise this toy, please contact us ( to discuss your requirements. Possible customisation includes:

  • A wider variety of suede and leather
  • Latex, rubber, silicone or other materials
  • More colours
  • Adjustments to the falls

Click here for our full range of leather/suede and handle patterns.


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