Severe Swivel Flogger (Pair)


A very severe flogger, similar in feel to a heavy martinet. Very thuddy and stingy, with harsh pointed falls. A great toy for a sadist or masochist.

This is a matched pair.

Our nunchuck floggers are made with swivel clips, which allow the falls to be detached and interchanged!

  • Nunchuck handle
  • 10 falls in harsh, heavy leather
  • Pointed falls

Please note that due to the thickness of the leather used, this flogger will take a little while to break in. The falls may be slightly curved to start with but will straighten out with use.

Choose between four nunchuck handle styles, as seen in the additional product pictures:

  • Natural Wood, Smooth, 8 Inches
  • Natural Wood, Grooved, 8 Inches
  • Pale Natural Wood, Grooved, 8 Inches
  • Black Wood, Smooth with Studs, 12 Inches

Please note: we no longer make these with the black dragon nunchucks as shown in the main product picture.


Additional information

Weight 500 g


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