Swivel Flogger w. Twist



The double swivel action makes this flogger fast and fluid in it’s action. Capable of delivering a gentle tickle, a sensual massage or a painful thump! 

Our nunchuck floggers are made with swivel clips, which allow the falls to be detached and interchanged! Add matching finger loops, allowing these floggers to be used as both nunchuck and poi floggers with a simple click-and-swap.

  • Nunchuck swivel handle
  • 10mm wide falls
  • 12-16 inch long falls
  • Spanish ring knot
  • Double swivels
  • Leather twist detail
  • Optional finger loops

Choose between two nunchuck handle styles, as seen in the additional product pictures:

  • Natural Red Oak, Smooth, 8 Inches
  • Natural Red Oak, Grooved, 8 Inches

Please note: we no longer make these with the black dragon nunchucks as shown in some product pictures. If you would like to further customise this toy, please contact us ( to discuss your requirements. Possible customisation includes:

  • A wider variety of suede and leather
  • More colours
  • Adjustments to the falls
  • A wider range of nunchuck handles

Click here for our full range of leather/suede.

Additional information

Weight 450 g


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