Mini Dragon Tail


Perfect for spanking bottoms, breasts and bits!


This teeny dragon makes a great gift or stocking filler, and is ideal for light play, breast/genital torture and spanking scenes. Like all dragons, it is a 'stingy' rather than 'thuddy' toy, but it's small size makes gives it a milder sensation than it's larger cousins.

  • 6″ oak handle
  • Handle plait in custom colours
  • 10″ lash
  • Turks head knot
  • Concho

Check our Personalisation section for optional concho styles including engraved and custom conchos.

If you would like to further customise this toy, please contact us ( to discuss your requirements. Possible customisation includes:

  • A wider variety of suede and leather
  • Latex, rubber, silicone or other materials
  • More colours
  • Adjustments to the lash

Click here for our full range of leather/suede and handle patterns.


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