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Seasons Greetings

well another rough tear for me on the home front but things are now getting on the level with a lot of the house problems under control and things becoming a little more steady

I have been beavering away in the workshop and the order book is now down from over 60 orders to about 30 so slowly getting there

I am going to leave the order approx time at around 16 weeks (for new orders I appreciate some people have been waiting far far longer than that ) so that I can try and get this down even more

Please also be aware this time of year can cause further delays with businesses shutting down and delayed postage times for goods both in and out


I am hoping If i work through most peoples Xmas break I will be able to have the list back in order for the new year and then I will start to promote the business again and push forward


I once again thank everyone for their patience with their orders and apologise for the extended delays a lot of you have faced

Rest assured once again I have never let anyone down with an order yet and dont intend to start now


Kind Regards