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Review Us!

Hi all!

Just a quick one to let you know that we offer 10% discount codes for recommendations of our kit! It doesn’t matter how long ago you bought it – write a great review and link it to us via FetLife (@Edgeplay_co_uk) or e-mail ( Reviews can be posted on FetBook, FetLife, the product pages on our website, your own personal blog or website, Tumblr… it doesn’t matter! As long as we can find it and link other customers to it.

A few Ts&Cs just to keep things fair for everyone:

  • Reviews should be stand-alone posts – while we of course LOVE comments on our pictures and threads, to get 10% off codes your review needs to be a writing, article, photo-set, thread etc in it’s own right or a review on the product pages on our website.
  • Reviews should contain a link to if being posted off-site
  • Reviews need to be of reasonable length – again, we LOVE it when you get excited about our kit and have great things to say about it even if it’s just a couple of words, but to qualify for 10% off codes the review needs to be at least a couple of paragraphs and give a good description of the item and how you’ve enjoyed using it
  • Reviews need to remain available as long as possible – we collect the reviews so that we can make them available to our customers, so in order to qualify for the 10% off codes the review needs to be in a format that we can provide a link to and stay ‘live’ online
  • We offer one 10% code per review, per order – if you place three orders and write three reviews, that’s 3 x 10% codes! If you place one order for three items and write three reviews, we’ll love you forever but that’s only one 10% code (sorry!)
  • You don’t have to own something to review it! If you had a great experience with one of our toys then get typing and claim your 10% code

So what are you waiting for? Dust off your keyboard and let us know how much you’ve enjoyed your toys!