Beginners & Budget Whips

After recently upgrading our whip range to a higher specification, we decided to keep a variant of our original design available in a select range of whip styles at a new, lower price. This design features a carefully constructed lead weight core and is based on the design we’ve been using for our entire range for the last four years. These whips are ideal for those who are buying their first whip or on a tight budget. We are proud to say that while not quite as highly specced as our main whip range, these whips still have a robust construction, a fluid motion in the throw and high accuracy! These whips will have your cheap sex shop ‘whips’ for breakfast! (and lunch, and dinner, and maybe a midnight snack). If you can’t find the style and length of whip you’re looking for in this design, why not fire us an e-mail ( and we’ll see what we can do. You can also find our take on the Coyote whip here – a great first whip for those who want to have a go on a budget! (Please note, the Coyote whip has a very different construction to all of our other whips)

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