Plaiting Patterns

Whip Plaiting Styles:

1) Fancy Whipmakers plait – herringbone plaiting, sectioned into quarters with checkerboard section by the knot and birdseye sections further down (this is our standard whip plaiting pattern)

Picture 1: fancy whipmakers with two colours

Picture 2: fancy whipmakers with one colour

Fancy Whipmakers med  fancy whipmakers single colour med

2) Chevrons – herringbone plaiting, sectioned into chevrons

chevrons med

3) Signature plait – two colours, the main colour plaited in whipmakers/herringbone and the second colour adds detail for the knot, fall (snake & bull whips) and the transition knot (bull whips)

Picture 1: signature plait on a bull whip

Picture 2: signature plait on snake whips

batman 3 6 foot black red snake 3

Handle Plaiting Styles:

These are used for both our plaited flogger and dragon handles, and also our bullwhips (non-standard, e-mail to ask about this)

1) Quartered (also ‘whipmakers’) – two or four colours in herringbone plaiting, sectioned into quarters

Picture: quartered in two colours

whipmakers quartered handle

2) Birdseye – a more time consuming style that gives a lovely squares-within-squares pattern, often used for detail sections on whips or whole handles

Picture 1: two colour birdseye

Picture 2: single colour birdseye

birdseye sample med  birdseye single colour med

3) Quartered With Birdseye – a ‘taste’ of fancy whipmakers plait suitable for handles, this has quartered sections with a small section of birdseye in the middle

quartered with birdseye med

4) Chevrons

Picture 1: thin chevrons, two colours

Picture 2: thick chevrons, two colours

Picture 3: fancy chevrons, two colours

thin chevrons med  chunky chevrons med purple twisted fall

Picture 4: thin chevrons, multi-colour

Picture 5: fancy chevrons, multi-colour

zombie kitty dragon

5) Single colour herringbone

whipmakers single colour