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Orderbook update

So I started to make good headway on the order book after Dad’s death the legal battel etc and then when that was all over I think it hit me…. I was so pre occupied with what had to be sorted out I didnt have time to grieve


and yep it hit like a hammer


the last couple of weeks I have been selfish self absorbed and just down right lazy  ….  well apart from packing up the house


so the end of november we move house forced sale we just cant afford to stay here with dad gone

which means relocating the workshop etc

To be fair it couldnt be a worse time of year to do it with Xmas just round the corner and all the disruption that causes


Hopefully the move will go smoothly and I wont have too much down time however there is sure to be some


the workbook list has taken a bit of a slump the last couple of weeks  and frankly 2016 can do one its been a terrible year


hopefully the change of scenery and purpose built workshop will re invigorate me


the workbook is still open for orders the off the shelf section is stocked however I wont be making any more off the shelf stock until the workbook is caught up a bit


I thank all of my very patient customers

Be assured I am working through the list and your good will be shipped as soon as possible

I probably have about a week or 2 to work here before I have to seriously think about packing up


the workbook wait time is back up to the 14 week mark