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On a budget? Toys for £25 and under!

On Impact-Toys, we have a really wide range to suit all budgets.

Our standard UK shipping is FREE and insures toys up to the value of £50, click here to see our full range of shipping options. 

Here are some of our “£25 & Under” toys:

This teeny dragon makes a great gift or stocking filler, and is ideal for light play, breast/genital torture and spanking scenes. Like all dragons, it is a ‘stingy’ rather than ‘thuddy’ toy, but it’s small size makes gives it a milder sensation than it’s larger cousins.

A great flogger for spanking, gentle impact, sensual play and those new to floggers! Also makes a great gift or stocking filler.

A great little dragon – ideal for more sensual play, those new to dragons or for short-range play. This toy will give a good bite and sting but can also be used to give a sensual stroke or tickle.

A great flogger for spanking, gentle to moderate impact and those new to floggers!

These fluffy floggers are great for sensual play and feel lovely when stoked on the skin. Used more heavily, they have a gentle ‘punchy’ sensation with a little sting.

When new, these floggers feel like horsehair. The falls will start to fluff up more as the flogger ages, becoming more and more sensual.

A variation on our fluffy floggers, these little beasties have a hidden sting! Choose from stingy or extra stingy. Great for sensual play, but can be used more heavily to elicit a delicious ‘yelp’.

This kitty may be small and cute, but it has a rather draconian sting!

This adorable Hello Kitty themed dragon tongue features a pink and white handle and a white leather lash. Great for spanking – the inner side of the lash gives a soft slap while the outer side gives a sharper sting.

These adorable Hello Kitty floggers feature bright pink and white leather and plaited oak handles in pink and white with pink and plum knots.

Jack Daniel’s themed flogger, choose from three conchos – Old No.7, Autograph and Portrait. Made with brown suede and black leather.

A severe braided cat with nunchuck handle, ideal for pain play and punishment.

Plus you can find more in our ‘Ready To Ship’ collection!

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