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off the shelf/ ready to ship/ready made Vs custom orders

Ok there seems to be some growing confusion with people ordering things off the site thinking they are off the shelf items.


Basically I just want to clarify some things


95% of what is on this website is CUSTOM order I.E. you pick your colours you pick your embellishments you pay for your order (or dont if you want to pay nearer the time of it being made)


The ONLY items that are ready for immediate shipping not custom are in the READY TO SHIP section of the website


Any Item ordered from any other section goes into the custom order work book

the waiting list on custom orders at the time of writing this is 8-10 weeks there are currenty 38 orders in my workbook of some 50 odd items to be made


Please be assured all items are completed in the order they come in no one is forgotten however with humans there are always things that crop up such as illness etc .. the APPROXIMATE waiting time also factors in me having a few days off and making some stock items for the off the shelf section and for any markets I may attend over the coming months


Kind regards