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New Toy Designs!

Over the last couple of months we have experimented with some great new styles of flogger, whip and dragon.

Here is a run down of some of our new creations and where you can order them:

Rabbit Fur with Leather Flogger

All the decadence and sensuality of our rabbit fur floggers, but with extra thump due to the leather falls concealed within the fur. Available as custom order in a wide variety of colours.

leather and fur flogger

Hair-on-Hide Flogger

We don’t normally keep hair-on-hide leather in stock so these are very much a limited edition. We currently have one available and we can discuss custom requests via e-mail. The hair gives the flogger great ‘strokeability’ and makes for an interesting scratchy sensation when the flogger is used.


Studded Flogger

Medium | Large

A new custom flogger option. Embellish your custom flogger with a choice of plain metal or coloured crystal studs for some extra glamour and sting!

purple rivet flogger 002 medium

Leather Wrap Dragon

We have only made one for sale so far, with a Star Trek theme. This will become available as a custom option depending on popularity. Why not let us know what you think on our FetLife page?

leather wrap dragon tail

Woody Bull Whip

12 Plait | 16 Plait

A new variant of bull whip for us, this whip features an exposed wooden handle instead of our normal plaited handle. Very ergonomic and makes for quite a striking whip!

woody 2

The Mark VI Bull Whip

After much experimentation and development, Daz launched the newest incarnation of our bull whip, the Mark VI. The Mark VI nestles between our usual 12 plait (single belly) and 16 plait (double belly) versions, and features a 16 plait overlay with a single belly (as well as some other secret developments!). It gives the option for a lighter, more responsive whip that is more akin to the Australian bull whip style. We have since expanded this option to our entire range. You can find this option on all of our premium whips now.

markvi bull whip

Double Ended Flogger

Gorgeous hardwood handle with a generous bunch of leather or suede falls at both ends, with the option to have the handle hand engraved with a unique design. Check it out here

engraved flogger 1

The Flails

Medium | Large

A variant of our standard flogger designs. The medium flail features 10 wide cut falls in a heavy leather or suede, perfect for punishment. The large flail is the largest flogger we make, with spectacular 24 inch falls and a long handle for extra leverage. Available in a stingy or thumpy variety.

pink flail


Any new designs you’d like to see? Let us know! You can get in touch via:

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