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a little bit more than a cut finger

ok so I need a deep breath

so some of you may or may not know my dad has been pretty poorly over the last couple of weeks

so today we were told he has about a year to live 🙁

my head has imploded just a little

I’m sorry to all the people that have ordered over the last few days on I havent placed the orders with suppliers today and there may well be a few days delay in getting the stuff in to ship out to you

as people can imagine I am not really in the correct headspace to be making anything with it all so fresh in my mind.. I will however keep on plodding on bringing down the list all I ask is for people who have already been exceptionally patient with everything else that has gone on to please extent their patience a little further as soon as my head is a little straighter Ill get right back on the horse and get the list cleared

this is also on top of it seems our house sale is going to go through so in the comming months we will be moving which is obviously going to cause a bit of disruption tot he work schedule

seriously I could writh a novel with everything that happens in my life to cause delays from pizza burms to cars blowing up … lets hope the house move ends the jinx

I would like to thank ALL my customers for their understanding and excetional patience while I clear these hurdles

obviously with this news I will be trying to make the most of my time I have left with my Dad a new work ethic may come int place where I dont work 14 hrs a day every day

I thank you for your continued support

I am still taking orders after all the bills still have to be paid but I ask anyone placing orders for custom items to be aware with the current heath of my dad the order book could be thrown int further disarray if his health worsens

I thank you for your understanding

If this has rambled a bit sorry I am trying to type through a quagmire of thoughts and emotions