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Hindsight is 2020 … 2020 in hindsight

Isnt hindsight a wonderful thing

and in hindsight there are a lot of things I would have done differently
who would have thought on 31/12/2019 we would have had the last year

so when the year started I was full of hope and vigour and cracking on with getting the list down .. and then well then this little virus from china (alledgedly) entered our lives and chaos ensued

little did i realise what chaos it would bring

so things were ok I was plodding along as usual stuck up a big discount code had plenty of stock then boom lock down could not get to my suppliers for several months some suppliers shut up shop totally for lockdown and have never reopened parcels that took a week to usually arrive were taking up to 20 weeks

at that point in hindsight I should have stopped taking orders as the list was falling behind with some supply issues but nothing major I was hopeful I could easliy catch up

lock down lifts things appear to startt getting back to normal although some supliers have shut up shop most remain open although some with very limited supply especially on the medical side of things but also on the other side .. most things come in from outside the uk and with the lack of commercial travel freight has suffered .. postage had nearly doubled to some countries which inevitably pushes up the cost of goods which I have tried to swallow both on import and export

then double whammy my mum dies in November .. totally out of the blue and not covid related (apart from the lack of an ICU bed) and I fall apart .. not like me at all I went through Dads death etc and yes I have the few bad days .. but this felt like a couple of months of being in a hole.. the only light in my life was my little lad..

so I get xmas out of the way and think right I have really got to kick my own arse no one is going to do it for me ..

so I satrt to get back into the swing of things and making again .. but Im exhausted .. an hour or 2 plaiting I am literally like ive run a marathon I just want to sleep

now I am worried .. all the research on long covid seem to be exactly what is happening to me.. I dont even thing I have had it apart from a really nasy flu type thing in Dec 2019

so I assume its just depression and call the doc who sends me for blood tests … which take over 3 weeks just to get an appointment for a bloodtest where we are .. and I spoke to him this week
seems on top of everything else my diabetic meds need adjusting .. I also have a blood disorder that means my red cells are too big which causes a form of severe anemia

thankfully its curable but it can take a little while to adjust the blood chemistry

I know a lot of you have been waiting far too long for your items now and I dont know if the damage done to the waiting list is repairable but I am still giving it my best shot but it is going top take some time to clear this up

so for the time being I am no longer giving timescales on how long orders will take because I dont know how long this will take to fix either medically myself or the list length and please be aware if you do want anything that is not specifically in the off the shelf (ready to ship) section my waiting list is incredibly long on impact toys

rest assured you will all get your orders

I really am sorry