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Its Finally Happening … workshop move

After all the uncertainty in the last year its finally coming together


The workshop and home have been pretty much packed up since October 2016 making work and home life difficult then our buyer dropped out

However the new buyer has pulled through and we have a move Date of 15th June 2017

this has caused a little more chaos as the place we are buying only exchanged the end of last week  so we have very little time to pack whats left and tie everything up so I am flat out on that at the moment but still getting some items made

this should be the final disruption to the workbook I should be able to get a clear run after my trip to Serbia 21-26th June (I will be taking some work out with me)


then it should be plain sailing full steam ahead into the workbook and get things caught up


Again I thank everyone for their patience in what has been a very difficult year for me with lots of unforeseen things happening  and taking far too much of my time away from work