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Critters In Need toy fund


FINAL TOTAL   £280.98 (US$ 341.89)

(total buying power for the critters £468.30 $569.81)

Donation of a fluffy flogger £25.00

because of my silly bet on fetlife £10

last updated 01/03/17 22.:42


A Lot of you will know about Critters in Need

they run some awesome charity auctions and on several occasions I have donated whips out of my own pocket

I still want to be able to do this but donate more to them

a little while ago they ran something in conjunction with LovingNcMaster

and I thought what a good idea so after some brief discussion with them I am going to run something similar on

from NOW (14th Feb 2017) I will donate 15% of your orders to a fund for CIN until 2nd March 2017 when I leave for the Rome Conference)

This fund will then be converted into toys for them to auction at their next funraiser .. the toys that the fund will feed will be suppllied to CIN at better than wholesale prices a massive 40% discount from the usual rate

so in real terms

spend £100 on my site I will donate £15

£15 buys a fluffy flogger, small flogger or a small dragon tail or almost 2 mini dragon tails at the CIN price

£200 =£30 buys CIN a 2 foot whip and a mini dragon

£300 =£45 buys CIN a 3 foot beginner snake whip

and so on and so on ……

hopefully this will benefit CIN more than me just donating one whip to the auction they can pick and choose what they want … you get new toys and a few Karma points … and I get to see you be happy and the critters get some help

winning all round

you can also if you choose buy a toy and have it donated to CIN for the auction you can do this and have credit for your donation or you can do it annon … just leave me a note with your order in the order notes box that you wish it to go straight to the auction I am sure they would appreciate that …

and a little win for you the customer if you spend over £75 if you enter code CRITTERS in the coupon box you will get free shipping 🙂 just a little thank you from me

Please note that due to leaving for Rome on the 2nd March and not returning until late on the 7th orders for off the shelf items will be treated as placed on the 7th if placed after 28th Feb 2017
Critters in need