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Seasons Greetings

well another rough tear for me on the home front but things are now getting on the level with a lot of the house problems under control and things becoming a little more steady I have been beavering away in the workshop and the order book is now down from over 60 orders to about […]

so back up and running again

so back up and running again running being the operative word last week there were about 60 orders in the book now below 50 its been a manic couple of months with everything that can go wrong going wrong again but I am back in the saddle and making stuff and getting it out there […]

Orderbook update

So I started to make good headway on the order book after Dad’s death the legal battel etc and then when that was all over I think it hit me…. I was so pre occupied with what had to be sorted out I didnt have time to grieve   and yep it hit like a […]