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a few things that may disrupt the queue a little upcoming

ok so stuff thats happening over the next couple of months 23-27th April I will be again in Berlin so I will be prety much incommunicado We have sold the house again after waiting since June for our buyer to get his shit together I got bored and remarketed the house which has now sold […]

just a quick reminder…Rome

I am flying out to Rome on Thursday I am a presenter at the Rome BDsM conference so I wont be able to post anything that day I return the early hours of Wednesday 8th March Normal service will resume Thursday 9th March All orders Placed today and after will be delt with on my […]

Critters In Need toy fund

  FINAL TOTAL   £280.98 (US$ 341.89) (total buying power for the critters £468.30 $569.81) Donation of a fluffy flogger £25.00 because of my silly bet on fetlife £10 last updated 01/03/17 22.:42   A Lot of you will know about Critters in Need they run some awesome charity auctions and on several occasions […]

Head Shave For MacMillan

So its pretty well known My Dad died of cancer a couple of monts ago Before he died I said I would have my head shaved on my Birthday 29th September but It was hanging over my head so I had it done on 21st August ay Club O&I at Eureka in Kent   so […]

so it happened

I’ve keep pretty quiet about my Dad As I posted a couple of weeks ago  he was pretty poorly It turned out to be late stage lung cancer he was diagnosed on the 13th May 2016 Yesterday 28th May 2016  he possed away quietly in his own bed with me my mum and the dog […]

a little bit more than a cut finger

ok so I need a deep breath so some of you may or may not know my dad has been pretty poorly over the last couple of weeks so today we were told he has about a year to live 🙁 my head has imploded just a little I’m sorry to all […]

Paying by installments and paying just before your items are made

  When you start making whips and people paying up front for them its a very hard habit to break you get into a cycle .. well I am about to break it .. One of the things that has always bugged me is that I got into this cycle of people having to pay […]

Uk Obscenity Laws Updated Dec 2014   this is an awesome blog to follow if you are not already but here is his interpretation on the new obscenity laws  for online content what are your thoughts on it ?  

Black Friday 28th Nov and Cyber Monday 1st December 2014

Black Friday 28th Nov   as of right now 10% off 20% off why limit it to one day use discount code BF1 at checkout for your discount 🙂 happy shopping   Due to some technical issues with the website we are running this through to cyber Monday

Free International Shipping

yes you heard right free international shipping a lot of people have said to me if only we did free shipping internationally well now you have your chance just spend £60 on and you will get free international shipping (I think) lol well I am learning the back end of the website since its […]