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Hindsight is 2020 … 2020 in hindsight

Isnt hindsight a wonderful thing

and in hindsight there are a lot of things I would have done differently
who would have thought on 31/12/2019 we would have had the last year

so when the year started I was full of hope and vigour and cracking on with getting the list down .. and then well then this little virus from china (alledgedly) entered our lives and chaos ensued

little did i realise what chaos it would bring

so things were ok I was plodding along as usual stuck up a big discount code had plenty of stock then boom lock down could not get to my suppliers for several months some suppliers shut up shop totally for lockdown and have never reopened parcels that took a week to usually arrive were taking up to 20 weeks

at that point in hindsight I should have stopped taking orders as the list was falling behind with some supply issues but nothing major I was hopeful I could easliy catch up

lock down lifts things appear to startt getting back to normal although some supliers have shut up shop most remain open although some with very limited supply especially on the medical side of things but also on the other side .. most things come in from outside the uk and with the lack of commercial travel freight has suffered .. postage had nearly doubled to some countries which inevitably pushes up the cost of goods which I have tried to swallow both on import and export

then double whammy my mum dies in November .. totally out of the blue and not covid related (apart from the lack of an ICU bed) and I fall apart .. not like me at all I went through Dads death etc and yes I have the few bad days .. but this felt like a couple of months of being in a hole.. the only light in my life was my little lad..

so I get xmas out of the way and think right I have really got to kick my own arse no one is going to do it for me ..

so I satrt to get back into the swing of things and making again .. but Im exhausted .. an hour or 2 plaiting I am literally like ive run a marathon I just want to sleep

now I am worried .. all the research on long covid seem to be exactly what is happening to me.. I dont even thing I have had it apart from a really nasy flu type thing in Dec 2019

so I assume its just depression and call the doc who sends me for blood tests … which take over 3 weeks just to get an appointment for a bloodtest where we are .. and I spoke to him this week
seems on top of everything else my diabetic meds need adjusting .. I also have a blood disorder that means my red cells are too big which causes a form of severe anemia

thankfully its curable but it can take a little while to adjust the blood chemistry

I know a lot of you have been waiting far too long for your items now and I dont know if the damage done to the waiting list is repairable but I am still giving it my best shot but it is going top take some time to clear this up

so for the time being I am no longer giving timescales on how long orders will take because I dont know how long this will take to fix either medically myself or the list length and please be aware if you do want anything that is not specifically in the off the shelf (ready to ship) section my waiting list is incredibly long on impact toys

rest assured you will all get your orders

I really am sorry


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a few things that may disrupt the queue a little upcoming

ok so stuff thats happening over the next couple of months
23-27th April I will be again in Berlin

so I will be prety much incommunicado

We have sold the house again after waiting since June for our buyer to get his shit together I got bored and remarketed the house which has now sold again we have stipuluated an 8 week completion so around the middle of May we should finally be moving … everything crossed

This will cause the major disruption as its not just a house move its the workshop as well as we are moving about 100 miles away. I anticipate around a 2 weeks shutdown to sort everything out

I will finally not be working out of boxes

but after that is should be plain sailing

Your patience is appreciated while this is going on

I have also updated the deliver information page to clarify the position on Ready to ship items and updated waiting times

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just a quick reminder…Rome

I am flying out to Rome on Thursday I am a presenter at the Rome BDsM conference so I wont be able to post anything that day

I return the early hours of Wednesday 8th March

Normal service will resume Thursday 9th March

All orders Placed today and after will be delt with on my return from Rome this allows me a little time to pack etc

the websites will remain open while I am away I will still be available to answer questions etc however replies may not be as quick as usual


any orders placed on that are outstanding will be posted this afternoon any items off the shelf or custom work that has been made will also be posted this afternoon

this will be my last post run before my return

I hope to come back to a full book of orders to keep me busy when I get back

Keep it kinky

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Critters In Need toy fund


FINAL TOTAL   £280.98 (US$ 341.89)

(total buying power for the critters £468.30 $569.81)

Donation of a fluffy flogger £25.00

because of my silly bet on fetlife £10

last updated 01/03/17 22.:42


A Lot of you will know about Critters in Need

they run some awesome charity auctions and on several occasions I have donated whips out of my own pocket

I still want to be able to do this but donate more to them

a little while ago they ran something in conjunction with LovingNcMaster

and I thought what a good idea so after some brief discussion with them I am going to run something similar on

from NOW (14th Feb 2017) I will donate 15% of your orders to a fund for CIN until 2nd March 2017 when I leave for the Rome Conference)

This fund will then be converted into toys for them to auction at their next funraiser .. the toys that the fund will feed will be suppllied to CIN at better than wholesale prices a massive 40% discount from the usual rate

so in real terms

spend £100 on my site I will donate £15

£15 buys a fluffy flogger, small flogger or a small dragon tail or almost 2 mini dragon tails at the CIN price

£200 =£30 buys CIN a 2 foot whip and a mini dragon

£300 =£45 buys CIN a 3 foot beginner snake whip

and so on and so on ……

hopefully this will benefit CIN more than me just donating one whip to the auction they can pick and choose what they want … you get new toys and a few Karma points … and I get to see you be happy and the critters get some help

winning all round

you can also if you choose buy a toy and have it donated to CIN for the auction you can do this and have credit for your donation or you can do it annon … just leave me a note with your order in the order notes box that you wish it to go straight to the auction I am sure they would appreciate that …

and a little win for you the customer if you spend over £75 if you enter code CRITTERS in the coupon box you will get free shipping 🙂 just a little thank you from me

Please note that due to leaving for Rome on the 2nd March and not returning until late on the 7th orders for off the shelf items will be treated as placed on the 7th if placed after 28th Feb 2017
Critters in need

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Head Shave For MacMillan

So its pretty well known My Dad died of cancer a couple of monts ago

Before he died I said I would have my head shaved on my Birthday 29th September but It was hanging over my head so I had it done on 21st August ay Club O&I at Eureka in Kent


so here it is me before


2015-05-07 16.44.41


and after ….




Not often I post pics of me  but there you have it   cropped top


I did it on a brave the shave page

There is another £65 to add from the collection from O&I

I will also be donating 10% of Septembers sales to the fund


Feel free to add your own donations







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so it happened

I’ve keep pretty quiet about my Dad

As I posted a couple of weeks ago  he was pretty poorly

It turned out to be late stage lung cancer he was diagnosed on the 13th May 2016

Yesterday 28th May 2016  he possed away quietly in his own bed with me my mum and the dog with him just how he would have wanted it


I have been very fortunate to have some amazing customers who have been extremely patient with me over the last 6 months while my time has been split between looking after him and mum and trying to keep the business going I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the amazing way you have waited for your custom items and not hassled me for them


The next week or so is going to be chaos sorting out everything that needs to be sorted out and I will try and get some orders out to you who have ordered off the shelf items


I am hoping after the funeral etc to be back to full speed and be able to concentrate on the business more and catch up the waiting list  and get on top of it but in the interim I am not going to have a lot of time to get to the post office etc so please bear with me


Its been incredibly frustration seeing it slip further and further back  from the usual 6-8 weeks


I thank you all for your continued support and business knowing that my waiting list has become very long




There isnt really much else I can say


apart from RIP Dad 30th March 1937 – 28th May 2016


and although we never got to use them as it took him so quickly I am having my head shaved for McMillan so if you can spare a pound for this worthwhile charity I am sure they would appreciate it link below

Kindest Regards to you all


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a little bit more than a cut finger

ok so I need a deep breath

so some of you may or may not know my dad has been pretty poorly over the last couple of weeks

so today we were told he has about a year to live 🙁

my head has imploded just a little

I’m sorry to all the people that have ordered over the last few days on I havent placed the orders with suppliers today and there may well be a few days delay in getting the stuff in to ship out to you

as people can imagine I am not really in the correct headspace to be making anything with it all so fresh in my mind.. I will however keep on plodding on bringing down the list all I ask is for people who have already been exceptionally patient with everything else that has gone on to please extent their patience a little further as soon as my head is a little straighter Ill get right back on the horse and get the list cleared

this is also on top of it seems our house sale is going to go through so in the comming months we will be moving which is obviously going to cause a bit of disruption tot he work schedule

seriously I could writh a novel with everything that happens in my life to cause delays from pizza burms to cars blowing up … lets hope the house move ends the jinx

I would like to thank ALL my customers for their understanding and excetional patience while I clear these hurdles

obviously with this news I will be trying to make the most of my time I have left with my Dad a new work ethic may come int place where I dont work 14 hrs a day every day

I thank you for your continued support

I am still taking orders after all the bills still have to be paid but I ask anyone placing orders for custom items to be aware with the current heath of my dad the order book could be thrown int further disarray if his health worsens

I thank you for your understanding

If this has rambled a bit sorry I am trying to type through a quagmire of thoughts and emotions


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Paying by installments and paying just before your items are made


When you start making whips and people paying up front for them its a very hard habit to break you get into a cycle .. well I am about to break it ..

One of the things that has always bugged me is that I got into this cycle of people having to pay up front weeks if not months in advance for their whips

So I am gong to do something about it

From toady you can order your whip on www.impact without paying a penny up front until you come up in the order book


all you have to do is place your order on the website and select pay by bank transfer. Then about 2 weeks or so before your whip is due to be made we will contact you for full payment that is all there is to it .

Installment plan

This also means that you can pay via installments just order the whip in the way above and then buy gift vouchers to the total of your order we will let you know about 2 weeks beforehand how much is outstanding (because of additional processing fees I will have to charge a extrs 50p per installment)

This brings us in line with other full time whipmakers.

now as with any business (and this is our full time business not a sideline hobby around our day jobs) cash flow is king and we like money in the bank and some people want to know that its already paid for and they dont have to worry about it later so anyone placing a custom order and paying for it in full at the time or order will receive a 5% discount simply by entering the discount code


(this code can be stacked with other codes so its an additional 5% on top of say a newsletter subscription code)

At the moment this only applies to whips while we trial it by whips we mean single tail snake signal and bull whips. This does not yet apply to custom floggers, dragon tails, etc.


once we have your unpaid order in the system it will be put in the workbook
a week before you whip is due to be made we will email you on the email address you provide at checkout (please ensure the following domains are added to your safe senders as I am terrible at switching email accounts )

we will email you a couple of times during the week preceding your crafting slot. Please be aware we cannot hold slots open indefinitely and also that your order may nedd specific non stock colours of cord that take time to get in. If we do not get a response we will move onto the next order in the book and your slot will be put to the back of the queue you then have until your order comes back to the top to make contact if you dont your place will be lost and the space made available to the next person in the queue. We think this is a fair system as it takes into account people going on holiday and sickness and whatever life throws at people ( I know all about cars blowing up etc etc after last year)

SO how does this grab people do you think its a fair system .. need any tweeks…

Does it make you feel ooooh I can order a whip and not have money tied up for an unknown amount of time

Well we hope it makes you more confident in ordering you synthetic whips from us 🙂

If there is anything else we can do to help you with your purchase of one of our hand crafted toys please let us know we will do ALL we can to help

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Uk Obscenity Laws Updated Dec 2014


this is an awesome blog to follow if you are not already

but here is his interpretation on the new obscenity laws  for online content

what are your thoughts on it ?


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Black Friday 28th Nov and Cyber Monday 1st December 2014

Black Friday 28th Nov

as of right now

10% off
20% off

why limit it to one day

use discount code BF1 at checkout for your discount 🙂 happy shopping


Due to some technical issues with the website we are running this through to cyber Monday

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Free International Shipping

yes you heard right free international shipping

a lot of people have said to me if only we did free shipping internationally well now you have your chance
just spend £60 on and you will get free international shipping

(I think) lol well I am learning the back end of the website since its all down to me now
as a fail safe if it doesnt work you can add a coupon code freeship and that should take care of it (if it doesnt automatically deduct it will someone over the water let me know please)

obviously all UK orders have free shipping anyway

so what are you waiting for


limited time only