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Website migration

T-1 hr to website migration… Nervous isn’t the word and will have payment methods disabled for a few hours please don’t place orders after 9.30 am UK time

so back up and running again

so back up and running again running being the operative word last week there were about 60 orders in the book now below 50 its been a manic couple of months with everything that can go wrong going wrong again but I am back in the saddle and making stuff and getting it out there […]

Orderbook update

So I started to make good headway on the order book after Dad’s death the legal battel etc and then when that was all over I think it hit me…. I was so pre occupied with what had to be sorted out I didnt have time to grieve   and yep it hit like a […]

Head Shave For MacMillan

So its pretty well known My Dad died of cancer a couple of monts ago Before he died I said I would have my head shaved on my Birthday 29th September but It was hanging over my head so I had it done on 21st August ay Club O&I at Eureka in Kent   so […]

Waiting list update just to bring it to the top of the blog

So as you may know by now my life has been a little topsy turvey for the last few months which has affected the waiting list   I am now back to full speed and rest assured everyone who has been waiting on items will get them In fact I went and did a big […]

Contact form and newsletter subscription

I have been made aware of a problem with the  web emailing system which I have hopefully fixed and newsletter subscriptions or contact forms over the last few weeks have been disappearing  on me so If you have sent one I have not been ignoring you they have not got here   If you want […]

off the shelf/ ready to ship/ready made Vs custom orders

Ok there seems to be some growing confusion with people ordering things off the site thinking they are off the shelf items.   Basically I just want to clarify some things   95% of what is on this website is CUSTOM order I.E. you pick your colours you pick your embellishments you pay for your […]


50 Shades of Grey …..

  Well the movie is out and yes I have seen it I have not read the books. I don’t think the movie was half bad myself.   But ..   I am not going to jump on the 50 shades hype band wagon and here is why –   The books (from what I […]


so there have been some changes round here

here are 2 writings that we put up recently on fetlife …. sad news but not the end of the story … so this is how it is for the near future at least … my announcement … so its been a tough year Very very tough but I’m still here (much to the disappointment […]

Check Our Our New Checkout!

-tumbleweed- Ahem! Anyway… As part of our ongoing mission to improve the user friendliness of our sites, we’ve introduced a new payment option on Impact-Toys. It is now possible to pay by credit or debit card without being taken off to PayPal, which we understand can be a confusing experience for those unfamiliar with PayPal or […]