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Leather Leather Leather …Sjambok

I have now started to move into leather whips

this will also mean leather handled floggers  and dragons etc too

The first one is the fearsome Sjambok

Leather Sjambok

This is my Rustic range beginning point

There are a lot of whipmakers who do lovely Roo hode  pretty fine plaiting

I wanted to do something a little more rustic…. utilitarian ..something that would look at home hanging on a damp dungeon wall


so here it is the first in a range of Kip hide whips


Why Kip …  well there are a lot  (and I mean a lot) of Kangaroo hide whipmakers out there wo do stunning work …  Kip is the second strongest leather to Roo. So why not make something that performs well and doesnt have the huge price tag of Kangaroo…  there are also a lot of whipmakers who use any leather they can find  …  which isnt usually fit for purpose

this means that a 12 plait kip Sjambok is about 35% cheaper than its Roo hide cousin


So I am aiming for the average man ..  the man (or woman) who wants something that will perform last and not break the bank


the Sjambok is traditionally a weighted carved piece of Rhino hide. With the decline of Rhino there has been for some years now people making plaited versions.

The Impact toys Sjambok has a kip lead weighted shot bag with super fine 15# lead shot this is bolstered with kip then bound then a 8 plait kip belly is plaited over that  then it is bolsterd with kip again and then bound a second time before the 12 plait overlay is applied  3 plait flat wristloop is optional  metal concho and turks head heel knot to finish it off

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off the shelf/ ready to ship/ready made Vs custom orders

Ok there seems to be some growing confusion with people ordering things off the site thinking they are off the shelf items.


Basically I just want to clarify some things


95% of what is on this website is CUSTOM order I.E. you pick your colours you pick your embellishments you pay for your order (or dont if you want to pay nearer the time of it being made)


The ONLY items that are ready for immediate shipping not custom are in the READY TO SHIP section of the website


Any Item ordered from any other section goes into the custom order work book

the waiting list on custom orders at the time of writing this is 8-10 weeks there are currenty 38 orders in my workbook of some 50 odd items to be made


Please be assured all items are completed in the order they come in no one is forgotten however with humans there are always things that crop up such as illness etc .. the APPROXIMATE waiting time also factors in me having a few days off and making some stock items for the off the shelf section and for any markets I may attend over the coming months


Kind regards



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New Toy Designs!

Over the last couple of months we have experimented with some great new styles of flogger, whip and dragon.

Here is a run down of some of our new creations and where you can order them:

Rabbit Fur with Leather Flogger

All the decadence and sensuality of our rabbit fur floggers, but with extra thump due to the leather falls concealed within the fur. Available as custom order in a wide variety of colours.

leather and fur flogger

Hair-on-Hide Flogger

We don’t normally keep hair-on-hide leather in stock so these are very much a limited edition. We currently have one available and we can discuss custom requests via e-mail. The hair gives the flogger great ‘strokeability’ and makes for an interesting scratchy sensation when the flogger is used.


Studded Flogger

Medium | Large

A new custom flogger option. Embellish your custom flogger with a choice of plain metal or coloured crystal studs for some extra glamour and sting!

purple rivet flogger 002 medium

Leather Wrap Dragon

We have only made one for sale so far, with a Star Trek theme. This will become available as a custom option depending on popularity. Why not let us know what you think on our FetLife page?

leather wrap dragon tail

Woody Bull Whip

12 Plait | 16 Plait

A new variant of bull whip for us, this whip features an exposed wooden handle instead of our normal plaited handle. Very ergonomic and makes for quite a striking whip!

woody 2

The Mark VI Bull Whip

After much experimentation and development, Daz launched the newest incarnation of our bull whip, the Mark VI. The Mark VI nestles between our usual 12 plait (single belly) and 16 plait (double belly) versions, and features a 16 plait overlay with a single belly (as well as some other secret developments!). It gives the option for a lighter, more responsive whip that is more akin to the Australian bull whip style. We have since expanded this option to our entire range. You can find this option on all of our premium whips now.

markvi bull whip

Double Ended Flogger

Gorgeous hardwood handle with a generous bunch of leather or suede falls at both ends, with the option to have the handle hand engraved with a unique design. Check it out here

engraved flogger 1

The Flails

Medium | Large

A variant of our standard flogger designs. The medium flail features 10 wide cut falls in a heavy leather or suede, perfect for punishment. The large flail is the largest flogger we make, with spectacular 24 inch falls and a long handle for extra leverage. Available in a stingy or thumpy variety.

pink flail


Any new designs you’d like to see? Let us know! You can get in touch via:

Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | FetLife | Fetbook | E-mail

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Themed Toys

This month we went a bit DC crazy and made a set of toys themed after The Joker and Harley Quinn from the Batman comics. The set includes two large floggers and two 4 foot premium snake whips, each coloured and themed after one of the characters.

Check them out!

The Joker – Flogger | Whip

Harley Quinn – Flogger | Whip

'The Joker' whip with matching flogger (available separately)

While it was a fun project, it was also a great showcase for our themed toys – we have so many leather and cord colours to choose from that we can make almost any of our toys suit a particular character, sports team, family crest… you name it! Add one of our glass conchos with a custom image for that perfect, finishing touch.

We add popular themes to our Themed Toys section – we have Dr Who, Hello Kitty, Batman and Jack Daniels, to name a few. But you don’t need to choose from just those designs! The options for our custom toys give you the flexibility to make any theme your heart desires, and if you can’t find something you want, just pop us an e-mail and we’ll see what we can do!


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Whipmaking – The Progression

So I have already moved the whip making forwards and started using leather shot bags and bolsters in the core of my whips, moving on from the lead weighted core I developed over the past few years.

It has been an amazingly steep learning curve, just from changing one thing.

My new leather splitter has arrived as well – who would have thought shaving off 0.25mm of leather would make so much difference to the thickness of a whip?

Now comes an even bigger learning curve…  I have been making whips “wrong” for 4 years! Well, not “wrong” exactly… read on and you’ll find out.

When I started making whips I used a ball chain core which made the whips very thin. To get a decent 16 plait I would add an extra belly to give it some bulk and taper, meaning my 16 plait whips had two plaited bellies. As I progressed onto lead weighted whips I just adjusted the strands of weight down to achieve the desired diameter and taper, giving a nice weight and feel in the hand.

So I move onto using shot bags and apply the same formula:  shot bag core, 8 plait belly, 12 plait belly, 16 plait overlay. The whips are turning out a bit chunkier than I was previously making them –  not a huge difference, just about 25mm (+/- a few mm)  in diameter but they are quite chunky, very much an American style whip.  The trouble being that if I wanted to slim down the whips a little, I’d have to make the shot bag narrower and if I did this too much, I couldn’t get the lead shot down the whip far enough to be effective, leaving me with a quandary!

Also I could never work out why it takes me so long to make a 6 footer 16 plait when other whip makers are doing them in half the time when our speeds are comparable on a 12 plait. Mystery!

After a couple of conversations with a couple of the UK’s top whipmakers, I have come to the decision I have been making them “wrong”… now when I say wrong, I mean I am doing more work than necessary. There is no need for the second belly with a 16 plait shot bag whip as there is enough weight and taper built into it,  so effectively I have been over engineering them and doing far more work than most if not all whipmakers are doing in synthetic whips with a shot bag core. This also means that comparatively I have been underselling my 16 plait work compared to the amount of work other makers are putting into theirs (about 100 foot of extra cord plaiting or 2-3 hours).

So I redesigned my 16 plait bullwhip last night and proceeded to make a single belly 16 plait 6 foot and wow! What can I say? It was a real eureka moment. Not only is the whip sleeker (about 22mm at the handle), it is more responsive and has some real life to it. My heavier ‘American Style’ whips with the two bellies are great for targeting but this is a totally different animal.

When I first started making whips someone said to me “you never stop learning”. This is just so true! You never do… you never stop learning, evolving and making a better whip, trying construction methods, trying new dimensions and materials keep trying to push the envelope.

So, this is the MKVI bullwhip 16 plait 6 foot

Thats the head scratching over with until the next time I find something I want to change/improve/modify.

Oh, and for all you lovers of big heavy American style whips, do not fear! I am not doing away with the old faithful 2 belly 16 plait. It will be available still but priced more in line with the amount of work involved in it.
– Daz

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On a budget? Toys for £25 and under!

On Impact-Toys, we have a really wide range to suit all budgets.

Our standard UK shipping is FREE and insures toys up to the value of £50, click here to see our full range of shipping options. 

Here are some of our “£25 & Under” toys:

This teeny dragon makes a great gift or stocking filler, and is ideal for light play, breast/genital torture and spanking scenes. Like all dragons, it is a ‘stingy’ rather than ‘thuddy’ toy, but it’s small size makes gives it a milder sensation than it’s larger cousins.

A great flogger for spanking, gentle impact, sensual play and those new to floggers! Also makes a great gift or stocking filler.

A great little dragon – ideal for more sensual play, those new to dragons or for short-range play. This toy will give a good bite and sting but can also be used to give a sensual stroke or tickle.

A great flogger for spanking, gentle to moderate impact and those new to floggers!

These fluffy floggers are great for sensual play and feel lovely when stoked on the skin. Used more heavily, they have a gentle ‘punchy’ sensation with a little sting.

When new, these floggers feel like horsehair. The falls will start to fluff up more as the flogger ages, becoming more and more sensual.

A variation on our fluffy floggers, these little beasties have a hidden sting! Choose from stingy or extra stingy. Great for sensual play, but can be used more heavily to elicit a delicious ‘yelp’.

This kitty may be small and cute, but it has a rather draconian sting!

This adorable Hello Kitty themed dragon tongue features a pink and white handle and a white leather lash. Great for spanking – the inner side of the lash gives a soft slap while the outer side gives a sharper sting.

These adorable Hello Kitty floggers feature bright pink and white leather and plaited oak handles in pink and white with pink and plum knots.

Jack Daniel’s themed flogger, choose from three conchos – Old No.7, Autograph and Portrait. Made with brown suede and black leather.

A severe braided cat with nunchuck handle, ideal for pain play and punishment.

Plus you can find more in our ‘Ready To Ship’ collection!

Clicky clicky

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Custom Whip Freebies + Whip Care Kits

Everyone likes free stuff, right?

Well, as part of our ongoing improvements to our whip range, we’ve added a new basic whip maintenance kit which we be included for free with any custom order shot bag whip (i.e. any whip that isn’t in the “Beginners & Budget” section) ordered from today (03/06/14), and will be offered as an option on our beginners whips 🙂
This kit includes:
  • A handy carry bag, great for when you just want to take your whip out without any other bulky kit/bags
  • 5 replacement bonded nylon crackers
  • A replacement synthetic fall
This is added for free to your custom order!
And for just £7.50 (with free postage!), this is a cost effective way to get a replacement fall, crackers and a handy carry bag if you already have a whip.
We’ve also added a handy fall replacement kit, which includes:
  • A replacement fall in a choice of colours and lengths
  • A high quality lacing fid (we use these ourselves every day for our crafting!)
  • A high quality lacing needle (again, we use these ourselves every day!)
  • A replacement cracker

You can find both of these kits on in the ‘Accessories, Kits & Spares‘ section.
And don’t forget, our postage on Impact-Toys is super low:
  • FREE standard UK delivery with £50 postage insurance
  • Just £4.50 to upgrade to £500 postage insurance and order tracking
  • Just £9.50 for international orders, wherever you are in the world
Thanks for reading,
Daz & Az
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Changes to our whip range

We are currently updating the website to change our entire whip range. After 4 years of whipmaking I am going to the next level.

There are a lot of up and coming whipmakers on the scene now so it is time to up the game and distinguish myself from anyone else
So here is the plan:
  • My prices wont rise (YAY!!!)
  • The construction and design of my whips will change
  • I will be introducing a range of leather kip hide whips in the coming months
  • I will be adding a range of budget whips that are ideal for beginners

New Construction

My 12 plait and 16 plait whips will stay at their current price but will but upgraded to a shot bag based construction
What does this mean? Well instead of a core made with lead shot or BB’s loaded into paracord strands (a popular core type for nylon whips) I will be constructing my whips now with a leather shot bag core overlayed with a leather bolster and then a plaited belly (8 plait) and an overlay of 12 plait. If its a 16 plait whip, there will be a 16 plait over the 12 plait.
This construction gives the whip a more even taper, a smoother roll out and a more slender appearance without sacrificing weight. This is especially important for shorter scene/play whips, as they do not have a long plaited thong which would allow a very gradual taper with other construction methods.
This is a major upgrade to my whips and whilst is not instantly apparent from the external appearance it will prove itself in performance and brings my whips up to the construction methods of the worlds top whipmakers.

Beginner Whips

I will also be adding a range of beginner whips, based on the construction methods I have developed over the last 4 years.
This range will be limited to short whips that are ideal for scene play, and will have a lead weighted core (not a shot bag but my own design that I have been using for nearly 4 years). These whips will have a 16 plait overlay with a single belly.
  • 3 foot snakes £60 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist
  • 4 foot snakes £70 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist
  • 3 foot bulls £70 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist
  • 4 foot bulls £80 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist



There is great debate about which types of paracord are suitable for whipmaking; genuine (commercial spec) 550 paracord and MIL SPEC 550 paracord and 650 paracord and PET paracord. It can be very confusing (this blogmay help, there is lots of info)
Always bare in mind that paracord is fundamentally designed to keep people alive when using a parachute! Some of the differences are irrelevant for other applications of this material.
The main differences:
  • 550 MIL SPEC paracord – 550 lbs breaking strain, nylon, 7 strand core with each strand made of 3 twisted strands (made to a precise military specification)
  • 550 Commercial paracord – 550 lbs breaking strain, nylon, 7 strand core, designed for non-critical applications
  • 650 paracord – 350 lbs breaking strain, nylon, 4 strand core
  • PET (polyethylene terephthalte) paracord – breaking strain varies, polyester, 7 strand core, designed for non-critical applications
The main difference is in the inner strands; the number of strands, the weight (denier) of ther strands, the way they are twisted together and the construction of the strands…
These differences in the core are irrelevant when making whips as you are hardly going to throw yourself out of a plane, with a whip between you and a grisly end, hoping your whip doesn’t break… and anyway, all the inner strands are removed before plaiting most whips (our coyote whip retains the inner core).
PET is another popular cord, and is a polyester (as opposed to nylon) thermoplastic. While I wouldn’t make a parachute with it, it is still a very strong cord that in my view is more than suitable for whipmaking. As it is not made to a precise and consistent set of standards, the product can vary by manufacturer and there are some very shoddy cords but there are also some excellent PET cords out there – it’s all about finding the good stuff!
The great thing for me is that PET is available in so many colours including glow in the dark variants, camo, multi-coloured and reflective, as opposed to 550/650 which are more limited in their colours (especially compared to MIL SPEC 550). I also find PET is softer, almost silky, so when using the whip it doesn’t chafe your hands as much when used for extended periods (also helps me while making them!). Some have commented on PET’s lower melting point but lets face it, they aren’t fire whips and anyone trying to snuff out candles with a what is at the end of the day a plastic whip needs to think about what they are doing.

A note on Dacron

Dacron is a brand name for a PET product which, incidentally, is used for fillers in duvets and pillows among many other things. In fact Dacron themselves (the owner of the registered trade mark) are best known for making bedding. Dacron also make cords and ropes with their PET, and some of these are all the range at the moment in experimental whipmaking. We’re not saying that PET paracord is the same as PET Dacron cord – their construction is different and they are designed for different applications, but they are made of the same material. So when someone knocks PET ‘because it’s not nylon’, it’s worth remembering that nylon is not the be all and end all of synthetic whipmaking!

Thanks for reading!

You can find the full range on our website, which has now been fully updated. Any inquiries can be mailed to us on here or sent to
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Our current range of handmade impact toys

Synthetic singletail whips:

  • 12 plait snake whips, from 2 foot, prices start at £55
  • 16 plait snake whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £95
  • 12 plait bull whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £75
  • 16 plait bull whips, from 4 foot, prices start at £115
  • Hybrid bull whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £100
  • Signal hybrid whips, from 40″, prices start £100
  • Coyote snake whip, 3 foot, £50
See here for more details


  • the monster dragon 12″ handle with a ~40″ lash £50
  • the large dragon 12″ handle with a ~30″ lash £40
  • small dragon 6″ handle with a ~16″ lash £25
  • mini dragon 6″ handle with a ~10″ lash £15

Dragon variants:

  • dragon tail – pointed lash
  • split dragon – split lash
  • dragon tongue – rounded lash


Oak handled floggers:

  • heavy weight monster flogger 12″ handle, ~60 22″ 10mm wide falls £70
  • heavy weight monster flogger 12″ handle, ~30 22″ 20mm wide falls £70
  • monster flogger 12″ handle, ~40 22″ 10mm wide falls £50
  • monster flogger 12″ handle, ~20 22″ 20mm wide falls £50
  • heavy weight large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~60 18″ 10mm wide falls £60
  • heavy weight large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~30 18″ 20mm wide falls £60
  • large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~40 18″ 10mm wide falls £40
  • large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~20 18″ 20mm wide falls £40
  • light weight large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~20 18″ 10mm wide falls £30
  • light weight large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~10 18″ 20mm wide falls £30
  • heavy weight medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~60 12.5″ 10mm wide falls £40
  • heavy weight medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~30 12.5″ 20mm wide falls £40
  • medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~40 12.5″ 10mm wide falls £30
  • medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~20 12.5″ 20mm wide falls £30
  • light weight medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~20 12.5″ 10mm wide falls £25
  • light weight medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~10 12.5″ 20mm wide falls £25
  • small flogger 6″ handle, ~40 9″ 7-10mm wide falls £25
  • small flogger 6″ handle, ~20 9″ 20mm wide falls £25
  • light weight small flogger 6″ handle, ~20 9″ 7-10mm wide falls £20
  • light weight small flogger 6″ handle, ~10 9″ 20mm wide falls £20
While some floggers are ‘light weight’ and some are ‘heavy weight’, these names simply indicate that the flogger has more or fewer falls than our standard floggers. Due to variations in the leather used, some ‘light’ floggers made with thick leather may be heavier than some standard floggers, and similarly some ‘heavy’ floggers made with thin leather may be lighter than some standard floggers. If you are aiming for a specific feel to a flogger (stingy, thumpy, scratchy, thuddy, etc) please contact us to discuss which of our floggers and leathers is most likely to suit you. We are now putting Sensation Ratings on our ready made stock, to help inform our customers.

Specialty floggers:

  • Nunchuck swivel floggers from £60/pair
  • Ball handle floggers from £80/pair
  • Braided floggers (see website)
  • Twisted fall flogger (see website)
  • Rabbit fur £40
  • Fluffy floggers, from £20

Optional extras:

We also have various additions/details that can be added to our toys:
  • Pointed falls ~£5 per flogger (depending on number of falls)
  • Corset detail (ball handles only) £5 per flogger
  • Wavy falls ~£5 per flogger (depending on number and length of falls)
  • Extra Spanish ring knots (ball handles, nunchucks) £5 each
  • Custom conchos (glass cabochon with image or engraved brass) from £10
  • A wide selection of optional upgrade conchos from £2.50
  • Themes (see website or message us to discuss)

Other impact toys:

  • Gorean Kurt/slave whip – 5 long, wide falls in heavy leather with a plaited handle £80
  • Devil-tail – the accursed offspring of a snake whip and a dragon, this had a flexible plaited thong with a short lash (pointed, split or rounded) £40
  • Cat – 9 long falls in heavy leather or rubber, with a semi-flexible plaited handle £50
  • Braided cat – round braided falls on a nunchuck handle, from £30
  • Leather straps – four different styles of strap, £35 each or £120 for the set

Bespoke designs

Contact us if you have a special design in mind – we love interesting projects! If we don’t make what you’re looking for, we’ll point you in the direction of a crafter who does.


  • pick any 3 or more items and we will give you a 10% discount (please contact us before ordering)
  • sets can be custom ordered or picked from our current stock selection
  • matched pairs count as 1 item.
  • Sets listed on our website already have 10% deducted from the price!
We have a wide range of leathers and suedes, as well as silicone, rubber and latex. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website, get in touch!
Cost may vary if we need to get in a specific colour or type of material, or if the number or length of falls varies significantly from our normal range.
Oak handles can be plaited in any of the colours from our paracord range in any of the plaiting styles we do (see picture gallery).
And don’t forget if you want something shorter, longer, heavier or lighter we can customise your toy to suit you.
We are now putting Sensation Ratings on our ready made stock, to help inform our customers of how the toy may feel.
We ship worldwide (prices exclude shipping). Check here for currency conversion.
Daz & Az