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Leather Leather Leather …Sjambok

I have now started to move into leather whips this will also mean leather handled floggers  and dragons etc too The first one is the fearsome Sjambok This is my Rustic range beginning point There are a lot of whipmakers who do lovely Roo hode  pretty fine plaiting I wanted to do something a little […]

off the shelf/ ready to ship/ready made Vs custom orders

Ok there seems to be some growing confusion with people ordering things off the site thinking they are off the shelf items.   Basically I just want to clarify some things   95% of what is on this website is CUSTOM order I.E. you pick your colours you pick your embellishments you pay for your […]

purple rivet flogger

New Toy Designs!

Over the last couple of months we have experimented with some great new styles of flogger, whip and dragon. Here is a run down of some of our new creations and where you can order them: Rabbit Fur with Leather Flogger All the decadence and sensuality of our rabbit fur floggers, but with extra thump […]

joker whip concho

Themed Toys

This month we went a bit DC crazy and made a set of toys themed after The Joker and Harley Quinn from the Batman comics. The set includes two large floggers and two 4 foot premium snake whips, each coloured and themed after one of the characters. Check them out! The Joker – Flogger | […]

markvi bull whip

Whipmaking – The Progression

So I have already moved the whip making forwards and started using leather shot bags and bolsters in the core of my whips, moving on from the lead weighted core I developed over the past few years. It has been an amazingly steep learning curve, just from changing one thing. My new leather splitter has […]

black suede kitty dragon

On a budget? Toys for £25 and under!

On Impact-Toys, we have a really wide range to suit all budgets. Our standard UK shipping is FREE and insures toys up to the value of £50, click here to see our full range of shipping options.  Here are some of our “£25 & Under” toys: Mini dragon tail £15 Mini dragon tongue £15 This […]

fall replacement kit

Custom Whip Freebies + Whip Care Kits

Everyone likes free stuff, right? Well, as part of our ongoing improvements to our whip range, we’ve added a new basic whip maintenance kit which we be included for free with any custom order shot bag whip (i.e. any whip that isn’t in the “Beginners & Budget” section) ordered from today (03/06/14), and will be offered as […]

6 foot black sig plait bull

Changes to our whip range

We are currently updating the website to change our entire whip range. After 4 years of whipmaking I am going to the next level. There are a lot of up and coming whipmakers on the scene now so it is time to up the game and distinguish myself from anyone else So here is the […]

red black mini snake

Our current range of handmade impact toys

Synthetic singletail whips: 12 plait snake whips, from 2 foot, prices start at £55 16 plait snake whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £95 12 plait bull whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £75 16 plait bull whips, from 4 foot, prices start at £115 Hybrid bull whips, from 3 foot, prices start […]