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Seasons Greetings

well another rough tear for me on the home front but things are now getting on the level with a lot of the house problems under control and things becoming a little more steady

I have been beavering away in the workshop and the order book is now down from over 60 orders to about 30 so slowly getting there

I am going to leave the order approx time at around 16 weeks (for new orders I appreciate some people have been waiting far far longer than that ) so that I can try and get this down even more

Please also be aware this time of year can cause further delays with businesses shutting down and delayed postage times for goods both in and out


I am hoping If i work through most peoples Xmas break I will be able to have the list back in order for the new year and then I will start to promote the business again and push forward


I once again thank everyone for their patience with their orders and apologise for the extended delays a lot of you have faced

Rest assured once again I have never let anyone down with an order yet and dont intend to start now


Kind Regards



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Orderbook update

So I started to make good headway on the order book after Dad’s death the legal battel etc and then when that was all over I think it hit me…. I was so pre occupied with what had to be sorted out I didnt have time to grieve


and yep it hit like a hammer


the last couple of weeks I have been selfish self absorbed and just down right lazy  ….  well apart from packing up the house


so the end of november we move house forced sale we just cant afford to stay here with dad gone

which means relocating the workshop etc

To be fair it couldnt be a worse time of year to do it with Xmas just round the corner and all the disruption that causes


Hopefully the move will go smoothly and I wont have too much down time however there is sure to be some


the workbook list has taken a bit of a slump the last couple of weeks  and frankly 2016 can do one its been a terrible year


hopefully the change of scenery and purpose built workshop will re invigorate me


the workbook is still open for orders the off the shelf section is stocked however I wont be making any more off the shelf stock until the workbook is caught up a bit


I thank all of my very patient customers

Be assured I am working through the list and your good will be shipped as soon as possible

I probably have about a week or 2 to work here before I have to seriously think about packing up


the workbook wait time is back up to the 14 week mark

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kicking off the new year with a bang

so we start the end of 2014 and welcome in the new year 2015 tonight
2014 was a year of ups and downs for us as a business

and I really want to kickstart the new year with a bang

In view of this I am starting the new year with our BIGGEST ever discount on everything on Edgeplay and Impact toys

so Discount code 2015 in the coupon code box at checkout

this will give you a massive 25% off everything on
and 15% off everything on

have a happy kink filled new year on us

(those on the impact toys mailing list watch your inboxes for something a bit special)

Happy new year guys and girls (and those non binary folk)

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Free International Shipping

yes you heard right free international shipping

a lot of people have said to me if only we did free shipping internationally well now you have your chance
just spend £60 on and you will get free international shipping

(I think) lol well I am learning the back end of the website since its all down to me now
as a fail safe if it doesnt work you can add a coupon code freeship and that should take care of it (if it doesnt automatically deduct it will someone over the water let me know please)

obviously all UK orders have free shipping anyway

so what are you waiting for


limited time only

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Christmas Custom Orders

We know, it’s only October. Who want’s be to be thinking about Christmas this early? Not us! [Bah humbug]

However, in order to avoid disappointment in the coming months (and also to answer questions we’ve already been receiving via private message and e-mail) we wanted to put together a little Christmas FAQ for those who are considering ordering some toys for their loved ones.

Q1.) What is your Christmas waiting time?

We can’t say how many orders we will get for Christmas delivery, so we like to err on the side of caution and say that the waiting time for Christmas orders will be at least 8 weeks. However, barring unexpected floods and meteor collisions, we get everything made and sent before Christmas so don’t panic!

Q2.) When should I order for Christmas delivery?

In order to account for the number of orders we may receive and to avoid those last, unpredictable days of pre-Christmas post, we ask customers to ensure allcustom orders for Christmas delivery are submitted and paid for by mid October. Orders for Ready To Ship toys can be placed until a few days before Christmas,check here for the Royal Mail Christmas posting guide!

Q3.) I really want a custom toy for Christmas but I can’t pay for it until after the last order dates/I need it faster because I’m going abroad for Christmas/etc, what should I do?

Get in touch with us! If you have some special circumstances, let us know and we’ll do what we can to work around them.

Q4.) Do you offer guaranteed Christmas delivery?

No, we do not. We put the above guidelines into place in order to make the pre-Christmas period go as smoothly as possible. The vast majority of orders will arrive in time for Christmas – in fact, I can’t think of a single order that has missed Christmas. However, we are at the mercy of the postal service. UK orders are typically not a problem, but we can’t promise that an international order will not be held up in customs or delayed in transit. For this reason, we do not offer gift vouchers, refunds or other compensation for delayed Christmas deliveries. But as I said, we’ve have a lot of happy customers with kinky toys under their trees in years past!

Q5.) Do you have any Christmas discounts?

Yes! We’re running a pre-Christmas offer on matched pairs of singletail whips which equates to one whip HALF PRICE with code: santa1

The code now also applies to custom sets from this section of the website:

Any other questions? Let us know via e-mail (, Fetlife, Facebook or Tumblr, and we’ll add them to the list 🙂

Bad Santa!
The Boss at Christmas
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Halloween @

It’s nearly Halloween!

As a little treat for all our blog readers and newsletter subscribers, here’s an extra 10% discount code for your next order with us. Why not get yourself something ghoulish and grisly, or maybe put it towards a Christmas present? Just copy the code below into the coupon code box at checkout for 10% of anything in our store until 1st Novemember.

Code: spooky13

Throughout the rest of October, we’ll be having some fun with you all. Look out for some Halloween themed toys in our Ready To Ship section and and maybe a spot of Trick or Treating. Keep an eye on on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and FetLife for updates.