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Hindsight is 2020 … 2020 in hindsight

Isnt hindsight a wonderful thing

and in hindsight there are a lot of things I would have done differently
who would have thought on 31/12/2019 we would have had the last year

so when the year started I was full of hope and vigour and cracking on with getting the list down .. and then well then this little virus from china (alledgedly) entered our lives and chaos ensued

little did i realise what chaos it would bring

so things were ok I was plodding along as usual stuck up a big discount code had plenty of stock then boom lock down could not get to my suppliers for several months some suppliers shut up shop totally for lockdown and have never reopened parcels that took a week to usually arrive were taking up to 20 weeks

at that point in hindsight I should have stopped taking orders as the list was falling behind with some supply issues but nothing major I was hopeful I could easliy catch up

lock down lifts things appear to startt getting back to normal although some supliers have shut up shop most remain open although some with very limited supply especially on the medical side of things but also on the other side .. most things come in from outside the uk and with the lack of commercial travel freight has suffered .. postage had nearly doubled to some countries which inevitably pushes up the cost of goods which I have tried to swallow both on import and export

then double whammy my mum dies in November .. totally out of the blue and not covid related (apart from the lack of an ICU bed) and I fall apart .. not like me at all I went through Dads death etc and yes I have the few bad days .. but this felt like a couple of months of being in a hole.. the only light in my life was my little lad..

so I get xmas out of the way and think right I have really got to kick my own arse no one is going to do it for me ..

so I satrt to get back into the swing of things and making again .. but Im exhausted .. an hour or 2 plaiting I am literally like ive run a marathon I just want to sleep

now I am worried .. all the research on long covid seem to be exactly what is happening to me.. I dont even thing I have had it apart from a really nasy flu type thing in Dec 2019

so I assume its just depression and call the doc who sends me for blood tests … which take over 3 weeks just to get an appointment for a bloodtest where we are .. and I spoke to him this week
seems on top of everything else my diabetic meds need adjusting .. I also have a blood disorder that means my red cells are too big which causes a form of severe anemia

thankfully its curable but it can take a little while to adjust the blood chemistry

I know a lot of you have been waiting far too long for your items now and I dont know if the damage done to the waiting list is repairable but I am still giving it my best shot but it is going top take some time to clear this up

so for the time being I am no longer giving timescales on how long orders will take because I dont know how long this will take to fix either medically myself or the list length and please be aware if you do want anything that is not specifically in the off the shelf (ready to ship) section my waiting list is incredibly long on impact toys

rest assured you will all get your orders

I really am sorry


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Website migration

T-1 hr to website migration… Nervous isn’t the word and will have payment methods disabled for a few hours please don’t place orders after 9.30 am UK time

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Seasons Greetings

well another rough tear for me on the home front but things are now getting on the level with a lot of the house problems under control and things becoming a little more steady

I have been beavering away in the workshop and the order book is now down from over 60 orders to about 30 so slowly getting there

I am going to leave the order approx time at around 16 weeks (for new orders I appreciate some people have been waiting far far longer than that ) so that I can try and get this down even more

Please also be aware this time of year can cause further delays with businesses shutting down and delayed postage times for goods both in and out


I am hoping If i work through most peoples Xmas break I will be able to have the list back in order for the new year and then I will start to promote the business again and push forward


I once again thank everyone for their patience with their orders and apologise for the extended delays a lot of you have faced

Rest assured once again I have never let anyone down with an order yet and dont intend to start now


Kind Regards



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so back up and running again

so back up and running again

running being the operative word

last week there were about 60 orders in the book now below 50

its been a manic couple of months with everything that can go wrong going wrong again

but I am back in the saddle and making stuff and getting it out there as you may have noticed by the pictures I have been posting

still along way to go to get the list where I want it

I have had my eye right off the ball with everything work wise

to the point so far this month Impact toys has had ZERO orders as I type this
my longest blank run ever

but then again I have hardly been here posting anything

So I really am focused on getting the list down there are still a few lose end to tie up on the house (like replacing all the windows etc) but we have working (mainly) electrics now and heating and hot water and have found most of the stuff (the box of made items still remains elusive) my 2 week downtime on the work from due to the move turned into more like 6 weeks 

but I am focused on in the next 6 weeks or so clearing most of the list as you can see from this picture I have just about every flogger on order cut ready for the handles to be plaited and everything to be put together

so full steam ahead I am to do at least one order a day (sometimes more sometimes less if its a big one)

what I need now is cashflow as always I have a load of ordering to do and lots and lots of post to pay for

so here is the deal

from now until the end of the month on all custom orders (ready to ship / off the shelf are excluded from this)

use code

for 35% off your basket of qualifying items

if you want to place a larger order

will give 40% off any order placed over £200

this offer will only last until midnight UK time 31st July 2017

only available on

and dont forget is open too for all the general kinky sexy stuff


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Its Finally Happening … workshop move

After all the uncertainty in the last year its finally coming together


The workshop and home have been pretty much packed up since October 2016 making work and home life difficult then our buyer dropped out

However the new buyer has pulled through and we have a move Date of 15th June 2017

this has caused a little more chaos as the place we are buying only exchanged the end of last week  so we have very little time to pack whats left and tie everything up so I am flat out on that at the moment but still getting some items made

this should be the final disruption to the workbook I should be able to get a clear run after my trip to Serbia 21-26th June (I will be taking some work out with me)


then it should be plain sailing full steam ahead into the workbook and get things caught up


Again I thank everyone for their patience in what has been a very difficult year for me with lots of unforeseen things happening  and taking far too much of my time away from work



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a few things that may disrupt the queue a little upcoming

ok so stuff thats happening over the next couple of months
23-27th April I will be again in Berlin

so I will be prety much incommunicado

We have sold the house again after waiting since June for our buyer to get his shit together I got bored and remarketed the house which has now sold again we have stipuluated an 8 week completion so around the middle of May we should finally be moving … everything crossed

This will cause the major disruption as its not just a house move its the workshop as well as we are moving about 100 miles away. I anticipate around a 2 weeks shutdown to sort everything out

I will finally not be working out of boxes

but after that is should be plain sailing

Your patience is appreciated while this is going on

I have also updated the deliver information page to clarify the position on Ready to ship items and updated waiting times

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just a quick reminder…Rome

I am flying out to Rome on Thursday I am a presenter at the Rome BDsM conference so I wont be able to post anything that day

I return the early hours of Wednesday 8th March

Normal service will resume Thursday 9th March

All orders Placed today and after will be delt with on my return from Rome this allows me a little time to pack etc

the websites will remain open while I am away I will still be available to answer questions etc however replies may not be as quick as usual


any orders placed on that are outstanding will be posted this afternoon any items off the shelf or custom work that has been made will also be posted this afternoon

this will be my last post run before my return

I hope to come back to a full book of orders to keep me busy when I get back

Keep it kinky

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Critters In Need toy fund


FINAL TOTAL   £280.98 (US$ 341.89)

(total buying power for the critters £468.30 $569.81)

Donation of a fluffy flogger £25.00

because of my silly bet on fetlife £10

last updated 01/03/17 22.:42


A Lot of you will know about Critters in Need

they run some awesome charity auctions and on several occasions I have donated whips out of my own pocket

I still want to be able to do this but donate more to them

a little while ago they ran something in conjunction with LovingNcMaster

and I thought what a good idea so after some brief discussion with them I am going to run something similar on

from NOW (14th Feb 2017) I will donate 15% of your orders to a fund for CIN until 2nd March 2017 when I leave for the Rome Conference)

This fund will then be converted into toys for them to auction at their next funraiser .. the toys that the fund will feed will be suppllied to CIN at better than wholesale prices a massive 40% discount from the usual rate

so in real terms

spend £100 on my site I will donate £15

£15 buys a fluffy flogger, small flogger or a small dragon tail or almost 2 mini dragon tails at the CIN price

£200 =£30 buys CIN a 2 foot whip and a mini dragon

£300 =£45 buys CIN a 3 foot beginner snake whip

and so on and so on ……

hopefully this will benefit CIN more than me just donating one whip to the auction they can pick and choose what they want … you get new toys and a few Karma points … and I get to see you be happy and the critters get some help

winning all round

you can also if you choose buy a toy and have it donated to CIN for the auction you can do this and have credit for your donation or you can do it annon … just leave me a note with your order in the order notes box that you wish it to go straight to the auction I am sure they would appreciate that …

and a little win for you the customer if you spend over £75 if you enter code CRITTERS in the coupon box you will get free shipping 🙂 just a little thank you from me

Please note that due to leaving for Rome on the 2nd March and not returning until late on the 7th orders for off the shelf items will be treated as placed on the 7th if placed after 28th Feb 2017
Critters in need

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Orderbook update

So I started to make good headway on the order book after Dad’s death the legal battel etc and then when that was all over I think it hit me…. I was so pre occupied with what had to be sorted out I didnt have time to grieve


and yep it hit like a hammer


the last couple of weeks I have been selfish self absorbed and just down right lazy  ….  well apart from packing up the house


so the end of november we move house forced sale we just cant afford to stay here with dad gone

which means relocating the workshop etc

To be fair it couldnt be a worse time of year to do it with Xmas just round the corner and all the disruption that causes


Hopefully the move will go smoothly and I wont have too much down time however there is sure to be some


the workbook list has taken a bit of a slump the last couple of weeks  and frankly 2016 can do one its been a terrible year


hopefully the change of scenery and purpose built workshop will re invigorate me


the workbook is still open for orders the off the shelf section is stocked however I wont be making any more off the shelf stock until the workbook is caught up a bit


I thank all of my very patient customers

Be assured I am working through the list and your good will be shipped as soon as possible

I probably have about a week or 2 to work here before I have to seriously think about packing up


the workbook wait time is back up to the 14 week mark

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Head Shave For MacMillan

So its pretty well known My Dad died of cancer a couple of monts ago

Before he died I said I would have my head shaved on my Birthday 29th September but It was hanging over my head so I had it done on 21st August ay Club O&I at Eureka in Kent


so here it is me before


2015-05-07 16.44.41


and after ….




Not often I post pics of me  but there you have it   cropped top


I did it on a brave the shave page

There is another £65 to add from the collection from O&I

I will also be donating 10% of Septembers sales to the fund


Feel free to add your own donations







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Curren order book status

Firstly I would like to thank (again) everyone for their patience while life has been a bit of a maelstrom

really getting through them now

36 orders on the books 56 Items to make
making some real progress on the order book

barring one or 2 orders that I am waiting on items to come in for like the stainless steel handles / certain fur colours (wine red) and last min changes …. 12 foot to 20 foot bullwhip I am now working on orders from the end of April
so the list has come down considerably

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Leather Leather Leather …Sjambok

I have now started to move into leather whips

this will also mean leather handled floggers  and dragons etc too

The first one is the fearsome Sjambok

Leather Sjambok

This is my Rustic range beginning point

There are a lot of whipmakers who do lovely Roo hode  pretty fine plaiting

I wanted to do something a little more rustic…. utilitarian ..something that would look at home hanging on a damp dungeon wall


so here it is the first in a range of Kip hide whips


Why Kip …  well there are a lot  (and I mean a lot) of Kangaroo hide whipmakers out there wo do stunning work …  Kip is the second strongest leather to Roo. So why not make something that performs well and doesnt have the huge price tag of Kangaroo…  there are also a lot of whipmakers who use any leather they can find  …  which isnt usually fit for purpose

this means that a 12 plait kip Sjambok is about 35% cheaper than its Roo hide cousin


So I am aiming for the average man ..  the man (or woman) who wants something that will perform last and not break the bank


the Sjambok is traditionally a weighted carved piece of Rhino hide. With the decline of Rhino there has been for some years now people making plaited versions.

The Impact toys Sjambok has a kip lead weighted shot bag with super fine 15# lead shot this is bolstered with kip then bound then a 8 plait kip belly is plaited over that  then it is bolsterd with kip again and then bound a second time before the 12 plait overlay is applied  3 plait flat wristloop is optional  metal concho and turks head heel knot to finish it off

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Waiting list update just to bring it to the top of the blog

So as you may know by now my life has been a little topsy turvey for the last few months which has affected the waiting list


I am now back to full speed and rest assured everyone who has been waiting on items will get them In fact I went and did a big leather suede and fur shop today to make sure everything in in ready

I am currently working on some orders that are well overdue but am aiming to make 5-10 items a week to clear these up

the order book currently has 57 orders in it with 83 items to be made  some of these items go back to the start of the year I am sad to say  but I am working through them very fast now  and am hoping to catch up to the  12-14 weeks by the end of this month


New Orders from this date 11/07/2016

I am trying to bring the waiting list down  so I shall be aiming for roughly a 12 week delivery from today

This is providing that noting major happens in my life  ( about time I had a break to be fair)

Please note that all delivery times are only approximations and not guarauntees as per out terms and conditions


Off the shelf

Some people seem to be confused that custom order work is off the shelf because they pick “standard” colours and the item shows in stock  ..  the instock tag allows me to control what I can and cannot make due to supply problems, Basically its pretty somple if you pick your colours and options its a custom item … I dont keep the 3 million colour combinations in stock sorry to disapoint anyone

THE ONLY SECTION on the website that is not custom order os the off the shelf /ready to ship page

This is the only page that the waiting time does not apply, if you order from the custom order section something that is identically in the off the shelf note that someone can step in and take the item from the off the shelf section and you will have to wait for your item in the normal queue or not  (yes even if it is all black)  Please dont ask me to queue jump you or make it quickly because I cannot do it at the minute








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so it happened

I’ve keep pretty quiet about my Dad

As I posted a couple of weeks ago  he was pretty poorly

It turned out to be late stage lung cancer he was diagnosed on the 13th May 2016

Yesterday 28th May 2016  he possed away quietly in his own bed with me my mum and the dog with him just how he would have wanted it


I have been very fortunate to have some amazing customers who have been extremely patient with me over the last 6 months while my time has been split between looking after him and mum and trying to keep the business going I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the amazing way you have waited for your custom items and not hassled me for them


The next week or so is going to be chaos sorting out everything that needs to be sorted out and I will try and get some orders out to you who have ordered off the shelf items


I am hoping after the funeral etc to be back to full speed and be able to concentrate on the business more and catch up the waiting list  and get on top of it but in the interim I am not going to have a lot of time to get to the post office etc so please bear with me


Its been incredibly frustration seeing it slip further and further back  from the usual 6-8 weeks


I thank you all for your continued support and business knowing that my waiting list has become very long




There isnt really much else I can say


apart from RIP Dad 30th March 1937 – 28th May 2016


and although we never got to use them as it took him so quickly I am having my head shaved for McMillan so if you can spare a pound for this worthwhile charity I am sure they would appreciate it link below

Kindest Regards to you all


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Contact form and newsletter subscription

I have been made aware of a problem with the  web emailing system which I have hopefully fixed and newsletter subscriptions or contact forms over the last few weeks have been disappearing  on me so If you have sent one I have not been ignoring you they have not got here


If you want your newsletter  confirmation email resending olease drop me a message with you registered email address and I will hapily re send it


you can use the contact form or standard email





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a little bit more than a cut finger

ok so I need a deep breath

so some of you may or may not know my dad has been pretty poorly over the last couple of weeks

so today we were told he has about a year to live 🙁

my head has imploded just a little

I’m sorry to all the people that have ordered over the last few days on I havent placed the orders with suppliers today and there may well be a few days delay in getting the stuff in to ship out to you

as people can imagine I am not really in the correct headspace to be making anything with it all so fresh in my mind.. I will however keep on plodding on bringing down the list all I ask is for people who have already been exceptionally patient with everything else that has gone on to please extent their patience a little further as soon as my head is a little straighter Ill get right back on the horse and get the list cleared

this is also on top of it seems our house sale is going to go through so in the comming months we will be moving which is obviously going to cause a bit of disruption tot he work schedule

seriously I could writh a novel with everything that happens in my life to cause delays from pizza burms to cars blowing up … lets hope the house move ends the jinx

I would like to thank ALL my customers for their understanding and excetional patience while I clear these hurdles

obviously with this news I will be trying to make the most of my time I have left with my Dad a new work ethic may come int place where I dont work 14 hrs a day every day

I thank you for your continued support

I am still taking orders after all the bills still have to be paid but I ask anyone placing orders for custom items to be aware with the current heath of my dad the order book could be thrown int further disarray if his health worsens

I thank you for your understanding

If this has rambled a bit sorry I am trying to type through a quagmire of thoughts and emotions


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Paying by installments and paying just before your items are made


When you start making whips and people paying up front for them its a very hard habit to break you get into a cycle .. well I am about to break it ..

One of the things that has always bugged me is that I got into this cycle of people having to pay up front weeks if not months in advance for their whips

So I am gong to do something about it

From toady you can order your whip on www.impact without paying a penny up front until you come up in the order book


all you have to do is place your order on the website and select pay by bank transfer. Then about 2 weeks or so before your whip is due to be made we will contact you for full payment that is all there is to it .

Installment plan

This also means that you can pay via installments just order the whip in the way above and then buy gift vouchers to the total of your order we will let you know about 2 weeks beforehand how much is outstanding (because of additional processing fees I will have to charge a extrs 50p per installment)

This brings us in line with other full time whipmakers.

now as with any business (and this is our full time business not a sideline hobby around our day jobs) cash flow is king and we like money in the bank and some people want to know that its already paid for and they dont have to worry about it later so anyone placing a custom order and paying for it in full at the time or order will receive a 5% discount simply by entering the discount code


(this code can be stacked with other codes so its an additional 5% on top of say a newsletter subscription code)

At the moment this only applies to whips while we trial it by whips we mean single tail snake signal and bull whips. This does not yet apply to custom floggers, dragon tails, etc.


once we have your unpaid order in the system it will be put in the workbook
a week before you whip is due to be made we will email you on the email address you provide at checkout (please ensure the following domains are added to your safe senders as I am terrible at switching email accounts )

we will email you a couple of times during the week preceding your crafting slot. Please be aware we cannot hold slots open indefinitely and also that your order may nedd specific non stock colours of cord that take time to get in. If we do not get a response we will move onto the next order in the book and your slot will be put to the back of the queue you then have until your order comes back to the top to make contact if you dont your place will be lost and the space made available to the next person in the queue. We think this is a fair system as it takes into account people going on holiday and sickness and whatever life throws at people ( I know all about cars blowing up etc etc after last year)

SO how does this grab people do you think its a fair system .. need any tweeks…

Does it make you feel ooooh I can order a whip and not have money tied up for an unknown amount of time

Well we hope it makes you more confident in ordering you synthetic whips from us 🙂

If there is anything else we can do to help you with your purchase of one of our hand crafted toys please let us know we will do ALL we can to help

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Waiting List Update

I am getting an increasing number of emails asking about waiting times although I have tried to make this clear


the current waiting time is 12-14 weeks


Again life got in the way and I badly burnt one of my hands just before Xmas which meant I havent been able to make anything for about 3 weeks


My apologies for any extended delays on your orders Please be asured this was not my intention


Rest assured no one is forgotten and ALL orders are done in the order they come in but being hand crafted and not machine made also means If I suffer an injury or illness production stops…  one of the downsides of being human 🙁


I thank you ALL for your patience while I try to clear the back log


Rest assured you will get your items as quickly as I can get to them in the list






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off the shelf/ ready to ship/ready made Vs custom orders

Ok there seems to be some growing confusion with people ordering things off the site thinking they are off the shelf items.


Basically I just want to clarify some things


95% of what is on this website is CUSTOM order I.E. you pick your colours you pick your embellishments you pay for your order (or dont if you want to pay nearer the time of it being made)


The ONLY items that are ready for immediate shipping not custom are in the READY TO SHIP section of the website


Any Item ordered from any other section goes into the custom order work book

the waiting list on custom orders at the time of writing this is 8-10 weeks there are currenty 38 orders in my workbook of some 50 odd items to be made


Please be assured all items are completed in the order they come in no one is forgotten however with humans there are always things that crop up such as illness etc .. the APPROXIMATE waiting time also factors in me having a few days off and making some stock items for the off the shelf section and for any markets I may attend over the coming months


Kind regards



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custom order waiting time reduction

Impact-Toys.comI am currently working on orders 8-10 weeks old


rainbow flogger 002


So the waiting time is coming down slowly I am hoping to have the custom order waiting time back to normal 6-8 weeks by the end of the month now that all the hospital appointments are out of the way and I have been discharged  and am back to full strength


your continued patience is appreciated whilst I get the custom order waiting time back under control


Kindest Regards


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The waiting list my arms and an update

As some of you may or may not know I was bitten by an insect of some description  about 6 weeks ago which led to me getting cellulitis and reactive arthritis in both my arms and legs which crippled me.  After an 8 day stint in hospital on IV antibiotics and morphine and then a further week of oral antibiotics when I got home I am happy to say it all cleared up. However a couple of weeks not using my arms left them very weak and I had no stamina.


This weel 18/05/2015 I am happy to say that I am back to plaiting 🙂

The workbook is severely delayed though I thank everyone for their patience with this everyone has been very understanding and I am going to be working flat out to catch it up.


The waiting list at the moment stands at about 12 weeks


remember you can order your whip on www.impact without paying a penny up front until you come up in the order book. All you have to do is place your order on the website and select pay by bank transfer. Then about a week or so before your whip is due to be made we will contact you for full payment that is all there is to it .

Now as with any business (and this is our full time business not a sideline hobby around our day jobs) cash flow is king and we like money in the bank and some people want to know that its already paid for and they dont have to worry about it later so anyone placing a custom order and paying for it in full at the time or order will receive a 5% discount simply by entering the discount code


(this code can be stacked with other codes so its an additional 5% on top of say a newsletter subscription code)

At the moment this only applies to whips while we trial it by whips we mean single tail snake signal and bull whips. This does not yet apply to custom floggers, dragon tails, etc.


once we have your unpaid order in the system it will be put in the workbook
a week before you whip is due to be made we will email you on the email address you provide at checkout (please ensure the following domains are added to your safe senders as I am terrible at switching email accounts )

we will email you a couple of times during the week preceding your crafting slot. Please be aware we cannot hold slots open indefinitely and also that your order may need specific non stock colours of cord that take time to get in. If we do not get a response we will move onto the next order in the book and your slot will be put to the back of the queue you then have until your order comes back to the top to make contact if you dont your place will be lost and the space made available to the next person in the queue. We think this is a fair system as it takes into account people going on holiday and sickness and whatever life throws at people ( I know all about cars blowing up etc etc after last year)

Does it make you feel ooooh I can order a whip and not have money tied up for 6 weeks ..

Well we hope it makes you more confident in ordering you synthetic whips from us 🙂

If there is anything else we can do to help you with your purchase of one of our hand crafted toys please let us know we will do ALL we can to help

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50 Shades of Grey …..



Well the movie is out and yes I have seen it

I have not read the books. I don’t think the movie was half bad myself.


But ..


I am not going to jump on the 50 shades hype band wagon and here is why –


The books (from what I have heard from people who have read them) are shockingly written and paint a very bad picture of BDsM relationships.


A lot of the 50 shades branded merchandise is in my opinion badly made and aimed at people who know no better with massive mark ups because of film rights.


A lot of the toys in the film were cheap and nasty  (there were a few quality pieces though) certainly not the play room of a Billionaire in my opinion


If you want a 50 shades themed toy we can make you one without having them specifically listed on the site


I just think it is a lot of hype and wind as is usual for Hollywood


and that’s about all I wanted to say in this post


ciao for now











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kicking off the new year with a bang

so we start the end of 2014 and welcome in the new year 2015 tonight
2014 was a year of ups and downs for us as a business

and I really want to kickstart the new year with a bang

In view of this I am starting the new year with our BIGGEST ever discount on everything on Edgeplay and Impact toys

so Discount code 2015 in the coupon code box at checkout

this will give you a massive 25% off everything on
and 15% off everything on

have a happy kink filled new year on us

(those on the impact toys mailing list watch your inboxes for something a bit special)

Happy new year guys and girls (and those non binary folk)

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Uk Obscenity Laws Updated Dec 2014


this is an awesome blog to follow if you are not already

but here is his interpretation on the new obscenity laws  for online content

what are your thoughts on it ?


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Black Friday 28th Nov and Cyber Monday 1st December 2014

Black Friday 28th Nov

as of right now

10% off
20% off

why limit it to one day

use discount code BF1 at checkout for your discount 🙂 happy shopping


Due to some technical issues with the website we are running this through to cyber Monday

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Free International Shipping

yes you heard right free international shipping

a lot of people have said to me if only we did free shipping internationally well now you have your chance
just spend £60 on and you will get free international shipping

(I think) lol well I am learning the back end of the website since its all down to me now
as a fail safe if it doesnt work you can add a coupon code freeship and that should take care of it (if it doesnt automatically deduct it will someone over the water let me know please)

obviously all UK orders have free shipping anyway

so what are you waiting for


limited time only

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so there have been some changes round here

here are 2 writings that we put up recently on fetlife …. sad news but not the end of the story … so this is how it is for the near future at least …

my announcement …

so its been a tough year

Very very tough

but I’m still here (much to the disappointment of some)
and I am not going anywhere fast

This year has been rough starting with all the hassle of me doing what I thought was the right thing.. (I still think it was) and all the backlash from that.. almost cost me everything including my mind.

This has had a knock on effect mega stress in my relationship with the dragon which has all fallen apart

BUT I am still here

Impact-toys has had its creations slashed to what I make now

but I am still here

The year isnt over yet but I am so looking forward to closing this one off

the last week has been heart breakingly rough

Its by no means the end once I am a bit more settled I will start making floggers again probably not on the scale Az was doing but ill make a few here and there for sets etc

I am going to start what I have been saying for ages and play with some Kip whips

so onwards and upwards

I would like to thank everyone for their support over the last year its been rough but made bearable by the support of others

officially the order book close yesterday for christmas orders

but I am going to extend it another week as I havent really been being attentive to the business this last week

so 9th Nov order book closes for pre christmas whips and devil tails and anything on the site

you can still use SANTA1 on on matched pairs of whips for a whopping discount

you can still use GET10 on for 10% off your basket

if you cant decide what to get that special someone then why not get them some gift vouchers and let them decide they are available on both sites

I would like to once again thank everyone for their support over the last year
Especially Az (the dragon) who without her I would have probably lost my mind totally and the business

Love and Light



the dragons writing


To my friends, please read.

Today, Daz and I came to the agreement that I shall no longer be involved with My remaining commitment is to ensure that existing custom orders for floggers and dragons are fulfilled, and this shall be done in a timely manner as close as possible to the quoted waiting times. All Christmas orders will be sent out in time to go under the tree.

The remaining ‘Ready To Ship‘ items that are already made and ready for posting are still available on the website but no more floggers and dragons will be made for this purpose. We hope that these remaining items find new homes with those who will appreciate them – there is a little bit of our heart in each of them.

It has been a very difficult year for both of us and sadly this has taken it’s toll on our personal and professional relationship. After removing my collar in July, we continued to work together and maintain a friendship (and a certain romance) but we have decided that it is now better for both of us to go our separate ways.

As Daz says on the @Edgeplay_co_uk profile – a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us in this venture and as friends, there have been some wonderful times and those of you who have our toys, please cherish them 🙂

There is great sadness and grief here for something that was so important to both of us, and it is with love that I wish him the best for the future.

– Az


chokes me to read them now … but we go on

Az is finishing off her work book and may make a few on offs when she knows what materials she has left over

and I will probably still make the odd flogger or 2 in the future


I have to get my head around tidying up the website  to take out the irrelevant sections, but for now I am concentrating on the plaiting and getting the workbook as small as possible so bear with me


its been a great couple of years


And we  would like to thank everyone that has supported us


we hope your toys bring you many years of pleasure


not the end 😉

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Christmas Custom Orders

We know, it’s only October. Who want’s be to be thinking about Christmas this early? Not us! [Bah humbug]

However, in order to avoid disappointment in the coming months (and also to answer questions we’ve already been receiving via private message and e-mail) we wanted to put together a little Christmas FAQ for those who are considering ordering some toys for their loved ones.

Q1.) What is your Christmas waiting time?

We can’t say how many orders we will get for Christmas delivery, so we like to err on the side of caution and say that the waiting time for Christmas orders will be at least 8 weeks. However, barring unexpected floods and meteor collisions, we get everything made and sent before Christmas so don’t panic!

Q2.) When should I order for Christmas delivery?

In order to account for the number of orders we may receive and to avoid those last, unpredictable days of pre-Christmas post, we ask customers to ensure allcustom orders for Christmas delivery are submitted and paid for by mid October. Orders for Ready To Ship toys can be placed until a few days before Christmas,check here for the Royal Mail Christmas posting guide!

Q3.) I really want a custom toy for Christmas but I can’t pay for it until after the last order dates/I need it faster because I’m going abroad for Christmas/etc, what should I do?

Get in touch with us! If you have some special circumstances, let us know and we’ll do what we can to work around them.

Q4.) Do you offer guaranteed Christmas delivery?

No, we do not. We put the above guidelines into place in order to make the pre-Christmas period go as smoothly as possible. The vast majority of orders will arrive in time for Christmas – in fact, I can’t think of a single order that has missed Christmas. However, we are at the mercy of the postal service. UK orders are typically not a problem, but we can’t promise that an international order will not be held up in customs or delayed in transit. For this reason, we do not offer gift vouchers, refunds or other compensation for delayed Christmas deliveries. But as I said, we’ve have a lot of happy customers with kinky toys under their trees in years past!

Q5.) Do you have any Christmas discounts?

Yes! We’re running a pre-Christmas offer on matched pairs of singletail whips which equates to one whip HALF PRICE with code: santa1

The code now also applies to custom sets from this section of the website:

Any other questions? Let us know via e-mail (, Fetlife, Facebook or Tumblr, and we’ll add them to the list 🙂

Bad Santa!
The Boss at Christmas

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Halloween @

It’s nearly Halloween!

As a little treat for all our blog readers and newsletter subscribers, here’s an extra 10% discount code for your next order with us. Why not get yourself something ghoulish and grisly, or maybe put it towards a Christmas present? Just copy the code below into the coupon code box at checkout for 10% of anything in our store until 1st Novemember.

Code: spooky13

Throughout the rest of October, we’ll be having some fun with you all. Look out for some Halloween themed toys in our Ready To Ship section and and maybe a spot of Trick or Treating. Keep an eye on on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and FetLife for updates.




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New Toy Designs!

Over the last couple of months we have experimented with some great new styles of flogger, whip and dragon.

Here is a run down of some of our new creations and where you can order them:

Rabbit Fur with Leather Flogger

All the decadence and sensuality of our rabbit fur floggers, but with extra thump due to the leather falls concealed within the fur. Available as custom order in a wide variety of colours.

leather and fur flogger

Hair-on-Hide Flogger

We don’t normally keep hair-on-hide leather in stock so these are very much a limited edition. We currently have one available and we can discuss custom requests via e-mail. The hair gives the flogger great ‘strokeability’ and makes for an interesting scratchy sensation when the flogger is used.


Studded Flogger

Medium | Large

A new custom flogger option. Embellish your custom flogger with a choice of plain metal or coloured crystal studs for some extra glamour and sting!

purple rivet flogger 002 medium

Leather Wrap Dragon

We have only made one for sale so far, with a Star Trek theme. This will become available as a custom option depending on popularity. Why not let us know what you think on our FetLife page?

leather wrap dragon tail

Woody Bull Whip

12 Plait | 16 Plait

A new variant of bull whip for us, this whip features an exposed wooden handle instead of our normal plaited handle. Very ergonomic and makes for quite a striking whip!

woody 2

The Mark VI Bull Whip

After much experimentation and development, Daz launched the newest incarnation of our bull whip, the Mark VI. The Mark VI nestles between our usual 12 plait (single belly) and 16 plait (double belly) versions, and features a 16 plait overlay with a single belly (as well as some other secret developments!). It gives the option for a lighter, more responsive whip that is more akin to the Australian bull whip style. We have since expanded this option to our entire range. You can find this option on all of our premium whips now.

markvi bull whip

Double Ended Flogger

Gorgeous hardwood handle with a generous bunch of leather or suede falls at both ends, with the option to have the handle hand engraved with a unique design. Check it out here

engraved flogger 1

The Flails

Medium | Large

A variant of our standard flogger designs. The medium flail features 10 wide cut falls in a heavy leather or suede, perfect for punishment. The large flail is the largest flogger we make, with spectacular 24 inch falls and a long handle for extra leverage. Available in a stingy or thumpy variety.

pink flail


Any new designs you’d like to see? Let us know! You can get in touch via:

Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | FetLife | Fetbook | E-mail

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Synthetic Fall Repairs

The fall of a whip wears out … its one of the parts of the whip under the most strain when you crack it

even more so if you havent got a cracker / popper on it

even leather whip falls wear they get on the ground hit things at supersonic speeds and generally take a heap of abuse
no matter what your fall is made out of it will degrade and need replacing over time

so here is my easy guide to running repairs on synthetic whip falls (doesnt matter if they are nylon or PET its the same for both )

so your fall should look like this when new…

its a piece of paracord half hollowed out then looped back on itself the inners stop an inch to an inch and a half before the end of the fall and that last bit is totally hollow ( or should be)

sometimes a cracker / popper comes off and you dont notice you crack the whip a few times and the end of the fall starts to fluff up like this…

not a problem snip the fluffy bits (or dont) and melt the end of the fall with a lighter and squish it flat with some pliers / grips/ fingers(if yours brave or have asbestos hands like me) anything that will flatten and melt the end together to stop it fraying any more re attach the cracker and away you go …

if you have left it a bit too long…. or you have had to melt it back a few times you can end up with you fall looking like this …

still dont panic.. now this is a little more fiddly but totally repairable

for ease of photography I have done the cord in 2 colours so you can see what is going on the inner cord (with the core still in it) is red the outer is black bear in mind on your whip both parts will be the same colour and the core will be white

what you need to do is slide back the outer layer of the paracord leaving the inner layer with the core exposed

snip off about an inch of the inner paracord and then singe the end to a nice rounded shape please be careful doing this they melt at quite high temperatures Nylon hotter than PET and they can and will catch fire so ensure there is no flame before squishing it with your fingers if you choose that way

now slide the outer cord sheath over the inner so you have an inch to an inch and a half of empty cord

I am pointing to where the inner stops

snip off the end square singe the end of the cord this time making it flat I like to have a good chunk melted as it seems to strengthen the fall from fraying

then you can attach your popper / cracker

tools required: a pair of scissors, a lighter and (optional) something to squish the hot cord like pliers or grips etc

perfectly do’able in the field

Alternatively send your whip back to me If I made it and ill change it for you FOC, all you pay is the postage to and from

Please note that this will shorten the fall of a whip and the fall will eventually need total replacement

It will make the whip feel different due to the shorter fall

Happy cracking,


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Beginners’ Whips

We are often asked what whip we would recommend for a beginner. The huge variety of whip types, materials and lengths often puts people off taking the leap as it can seem impossibly intimidating to work out which is the right whip to start with. Not to mention it can be a costly mistake to end up with a whip that just isn’t suited to you!

So we thought we’d do a little post about our tips for those new to the world of whips:

1) Price – how much can you afford to spend and what are you getting for your money?

While it can be tempting to start off with a £12 whip from Ann Summers because it seems sensible to start with something cheap, you’ll just end up with a useless bit of kit and some poor experiences. The cheap whips that are mass produced (often from reconstituted ‘leather’ fabric or PVC) are not intended for serious impact play or fancy cracking, and they are little more than props for roleplay. They do not move or function as a true singletail whip should.

On the other end of the scale, you have the beautiful (and costly!) kangaroo hide singletails made by the world’s top whipmakers. These creations are true works of art and will give you an experience like no other, but they will also set you back several hundred of your hard earned. A costly mistake indeed if you find yourself with a whip that doesn’t suit your needs! It must also be considered that a top quality ‘roo hide whip can be very easily damaged by inexperienced hands. Many top whipmakers will actually down-sell a newbie to a cheaper whip to use while they are still learning the basics.

So what do we recommend? A mid range whip from a quality whipmaker who can provide you with a synthetic option is a route that is increasingly popular. You want a whip that will perform well and get you into good habits, but that you are not afraid to use because of it’s value. Don’t be afraid to ask around and e-mail the whipmaker to see what they would recommend, and to find out more about their whips!

Tip One: Get a mid-range whip from a professional whipmaker that you can actually talk to!

2) “Wait, what was that about synthetic options? I thought whips were made of leather?”

A synthetic whip is easier to care for than leather and you can get ‘more bang for your buck’ in the sense that you can find a great whip that flies true without the expense of premium ‘roo hide. There used to be a lot of stigma against synthetic whips – they were ‘the new kid on the block’ and many old hands found them hard to get along with. However, as the synthetic whipmaking profession gained experience and synthetic whips became more common, it is now possible to find synthetic whips of excellent quality that can rival a good ‘roo hide whip in terms of performance, and for a fraction of the price!

Synthetic whips are usually made of paracord, a form of kernmantle cord. Kernmantle means the cord has inner strands (the kern) surrounded by a woven outer sheath (the mantle). Paracord is incredibly strong and highly suited for synthetic whipmaking. There are other cords used for synthetic whipmaking, but paracord is the most common. You can read more about the paracord that we use here.

Why spend upwards of £200 on a ‘roo hide that you may well end up damaging when you can get a great starter whip in a highly durable and strong material for less than half the price?

Tip Two: Consider synthetic!

 3) Construction – what you want, and what to look out for

While the specifics of how a given whipmaker constructs their whips will vary, there are several tried and tested elements that all great whips have in common.

Firstly, the very centre of the whip is weighted. This may be done in several ways – top quality whips have what is called a ‘shot bag’ which is a tapered leather bag that is then filled with fine lead shot. Other methods include filling paracord strands with shot or steel ball bearings, using strands of leather curtain weight or using lengths of fine ball chain. Different whipmakers have different preferences depending on their skill level, the type of whips they produce and the materials they have access to.

Secondly, the weighted core is then bolstered and bound to give it stability and improve the taper and then covered in what is called a ‘belly’, which is a layer of plaiting over the core. This layer will look a lot like the outer layer of the whip and hence the term ‘a whip within a whip’. This layer of plaiting further builds out the whip and provides yet more taper, while keeping the whip flexible.

Thirdly, the overlay plait is added which is the final layer that you see on the outside of the whip. This plaiting should be tight and neat, with no obvious gaps or twisted/crossed strands. The overlay may have a fancy pattern or may be quite plain – this is purely a matter of preference. What really matters is that the plaiting is smooth and the whip tapers down in a consistent (i.e. not lumpy) way.

Finally, the whip is finished with it’s fall and cracker (if it has them), and usually some knot work for decoration.

There are several things you want to be wary of when buying a whip. Cheaper whips often have little more than some rope or rags to pad out the inside. We recently disassembled an imported leather whip from an unknown source (most likely mass produced from the look of it) and found that under the cheap leather was just string and some hessian sacking! No wonder the whip was so floppy. Speaking of floppy, you don’t want a whip that looks a bit like a dead worm! It should feel firm under the plaiting, not squishy, and shouldn’t feel as though you could crumple it up like a soggy noodle. On the other hand, it needs to be flexible enough that it will curl up in and not just poke out like a stick. And watch out for that plaiting – fancy designs aside, it is smooth and even? Are there lots of obvious gaps? Does the pattern seem to wobble about a lot or is it pleasing and consistent? If you look at the whip (or, if you can, run your hand down it), does it smoothly taper from the pommel to the cracker, or is it lumpy and seems to get thinner and then thicker and then thinner? What about the weight? Is is really light in the hand and feels flyaway? Is it so heavy it seems to wrench your arm when you throw it? A great whip is like an extension of your arm – not too light, not too heavy.

If it doesn’t look or feel right, don’t let anyone pressure you and don’t settle for a whip that seems badly weighted, lumpy and full of gaps just because it’s a bit cheaper than the competition.

Tip Three: Ask about the construction!

4) Length and type – what is the whip for?

First, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your whip. Are you interested in fancy cracking, tricks and stunts? Or do you want to explore the delights of S&M whipping?

If you want to explore fancy cracking, a handled whip is a great place to start. This would generally mean getting either a bull whip or a stock whip. For a beginner, a bull whip is probably the easier option to get to grips with. Length wise, you want something long enough that the action of the whip isn’t too sudden, but short enough that you can focus on learning the cracks rather than focusing on the quirks of a monster whip. For cracking and trick work, a lot of people start with a 6 foot bull whip. We’d recommend anything from 5-8 feet – any shorter and the action gets uncomfortably quick for learning fancy cracks, and any longer and you could end up with a very slow whip that is very intimidating to use!

For these kinds of whips, you really need access to an outdoor space or hall/warehouse to practice.

For learning to play with whips in BDSM, you are better starting with something smaller that you can use indoors and that has a little less power. A 3 or 4 foot snake or signal (no handle) is a common choice to start out, but a 4 foot bull could also work well for you. If you go too short (such as a 3 foot bull or a 2 foot snake), then you’ll end up with a whip that is a bit of a one trick pony and that doesn’t help you learn the basic cracks as well as a slightly longer whip due to how fast it needs to be thrown. A common mistake when learning to crack is trying to ‘snatch’ the whip and this is especially tempting with a short whip. A very short whip is a great thing to have in your kit bag once you’ve got the hang of the basic cracks and are confident using a whip in play.

Tip Four: Think about what you want it for!

So, which of our whips would we recommend for a beginner?

Fancy cracking and tricks – 5 foot bull whip | 6 foot bull whip | 8 foot bull whip

S&M play – 3 foot snake | 4 foot snake | 4 foot bull | 3 foot signal | 4 foot signal

Ask around! Different whipmakers and experienced whip users have their own recommendations and favourites, so don’t be shy to find out what other people think.




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Themed Toys

This month we went a bit DC crazy and made a set of toys themed after The Joker and Harley Quinn from the Batman comics. The set includes two large floggers and two 4 foot premium snake whips, each coloured and themed after one of the characters.

Check them out!

The Joker – Flogger | Whip

Harley Quinn – Flogger | Whip

'The Joker' whip with matching flogger (available separately)

While it was a fun project, it was also a great showcase for our themed toys – we have so many leather and cord colours to choose from that we can make almost any of our toys suit a particular character, sports team, family crest… you name it! Add one of our glass conchos with a custom image for that perfect, finishing touch.

We add popular themes to our Themed Toys section – we have Dr Who, Hello Kitty, Batman and Jack Daniels, to name a few. But you don’t need to choose from just those designs! The options for our custom toys give you the flexibility to make any theme your heart desires, and if you can’t find something you want, just pop us an e-mail and we’ll see what we can do!


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New Custom Whip Payment Option

As some of you may have noticed, I have been plaiting like a machine the last week or so.

I have had my reasons for this and I am happy to say I am at the point that I can now tell you about it!

When you start making whips and start with people paying up front for them, its a very hard cycle to break… well, I am about to break it. I am about 2 weeks away from totally finishing all my custom orders, if I can keep up the pace that I am currently plaiting at and nothing gets in the way. Some will be very pleased to hear this as it’s bringing their wait times down considerably.

One of the things that has always bugged me is that I got into this cycle of people having to pay up front weeks if not months in advance for their whips. So I am gong to do something about it.

From today you can order your whip on http://impact without paying a penny until you come up in the order book (currently 2-4 weeks away)

All you have to do is place your order on the website and opt to pay by bank transfer. Then about a week or so before your whip is due to be made we will contact you for full payment – that is all there is to it!

This brings us in line with payments options offered by other full time whipmakers.

Now, as with any business (and this is our full time business, not a sideline hobby around our day jobs) cash flow is very important and of course we like money in the bank, and some people like to know that thair order already paid for so they dont have to worry about it later. We’re not doing away ith the option to pay up front for those that wish to and we’re also offering a nice deal for those that do! Anyone placing a custom order for whips and paying for it in full at the time or order will receive a 5% discount on their payment simply by using the discount code: advancepayment

(this code can be stacked with other codes so its an additional 5% on top of say a newsletter subscription code)

At the moment this only applies to whips while we trial it as an option – by whips we mean single tail snake, signal and bull whips from our “Custom Paracord Whips” section.

So how is this going to work in practical terms?

Once we have your unpaid order in the system it will be put in the workbook. A week before you whip is due to be made we will email you on the email address you provide at checkout (please ensure the following domains are added to your safe senders:, and as I am terrible at switching email accounts!)

If we don’t hear from you we will email you a couple of times during the week preceding your crafting slot. Please be aware we cannot hold slots open indefinitely and also that your order may need specific non stock colours of cord that take time to get in. If we do not get a response we will move onto the next order in the book and your slot will be put to the back of the queue, you then have until your order comes back to the top to make contact. If you don’t get in touch your place will be lost and the space made available to the next person in the queue. We think this is a fair system as it takes into account people going on holiday and sickness and whatever life throws at people (I know all about cars blowing up etc etc after last year)

SO! How does this grab people? Do you think its a fair system? Does it need any tweaks? Does it make you feel “ooooh I can order a whip and not have money tied up for 6 weeks”?

Well, we hope it makes you more confident in ordering you synthetic whips from us -smiles-

If there is anything else we can do to help you with your purchase of one of our hand crafted toys please let us know and we will do ALL we can to help!

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Whipmaking – The Progression

So I have already moved the whip making forwards and started using leather shot bags and bolsters in the core of my whips, moving on from the lead weighted core I developed over the past few years.

It has been an amazingly steep learning curve, just from changing one thing.

My new leather splitter has arrived as well – who would have thought shaving off 0.25mm of leather would make so much difference to the thickness of a whip?

Now comes an even bigger learning curve…  I have been making whips “wrong” for 4 years! Well, not “wrong” exactly… read on and you’ll find out.

When I started making whips I used a ball chain core which made the whips very thin. To get a decent 16 plait I would add an extra belly to give it some bulk and taper, meaning my 16 plait whips had two plaited bellies. As I progressed onto lead weighted whips I just adjusted the strands of weight down to achieve the desired diameter and taper, giving a nice weight and feel in the hand.

So I move onto using shot bags and apply the same formula:  shot bag core, 8 plait belly, 12 plait belly, 16 plait overlay. The whips are turning out a bit chunkier than I was previously making them –  not a huge difference, just about 25mm (+/- a few mm)  in diameter but they are quite chunky, very much an American style whip.  The trouble being that if I wanted to slim down the whips a little, I’d have to make the shot bag narrower and if I did this too much, I couldn’t get the lead shot down the whip far enough to be effective, leaving me with a quandary!

Also I could never work out why it takes me so long to make a 6 footer 16 plait when other whip makers are doing them in half the time when our speeds are comparable on a 12 plait. Mystery!

After a couple of conversations with a couple of the UK’s top whipmakers, I have come to the decision I have been making them “wrong”… now when I say wrong, I mean I am doing more work than necessary. There is no need for the second belly with a 16 plait shot bag whip as there is enough weight and taper built into it,  so effectively I have been over engineering them and doing far more work than most if not all whipmakers are doing in synthetic whips with a shot bag core. This also means that comparatively I have been underselling my 16 plait work compared to the amount of work other makers are putting into theirs (about 100 foot of extra cord plaiting or 2-3 hours).

So I redesigned my 16 plait bullwhip last night and proceeded to make a single belly 16 plait 6 foot and wow! What can I say? It was a real eureka moment. Not only is the whip sleeker (about 22mm at the handle), it is more responsive and has some real life to it. My heavier ‘American Style’ whips with the two bellies are great for targeting but this is a totally different animal.

When I first started making whips someone said to me “you never stop learning”. This is just so true! You never do… you never stop learning, evolving and making a better whip, trying construction methods, trying new dimensions and materials keep trying to push the envelope.

So, this is the MKVI bullwhip 16 plait 6 foot

Thats the head scratching over with until the next time I find something I want to change/improve/modify.

Oh, and for all you lovers of big heavy American style whips, do not fear! I am not doing away with the old faithful 2 belly 16 plait. It will be available still but priced more in line with the amount of work involved in it.
– Daz

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Review Us!

Hi all!

Just a quick one to let you know that we offer 10% discount codes for recommendations of our kit! It doesn’t matter how long ago you bought it – write a great review and link it to us via FetLife (@Edgeplay_co_uk) or e-mail ( Reviews can be posted on FetBook, FetLife, the product pages on our website, your own personal blog or website, Tumblr… it doesn’t matter! As long as we can find it and link other customers to it.

A few Ts&Cs just to keep things fair for everyone:

  • Reviews should be stand-alone posts – while we of course LOVE comments on our pictures and threads, to get 10% off codes your review needs to be a writing, article, photo-set, thread etc in it’s own right or a review on the product pages on our website.
  • Reviews should contain a link to if being posted off-site
  • Reviews need to be of reasonable length – again, we LOVE it when you get excited about our kit and have great things to say about it even if it’s just a couple of words, but to qualify for 10% off codes the review needs to be at least a couple of paragraphs and give a good description of the item and how you’ve enjoyed using it
  • Reviews need to remain available as long as possible – we collect the reviews so that we can make them available to our customers, so in order to qualify for the 10% off codes the review needs to be in a format that we can provide a link to and stay ‘live’ online
  • We offer one 10% code per review, per order – if you place three orders and write three reviews, that’s 3 x 10% codes! If you place one order for three items and write three reviews, we’ll love you forever but that’s only one 10% code (sorry!)
  • You don’t have to own something to review it! If you had a great experience with one of our toys then get typing and claim your 10% code

So what are you waiting for? Dust off your keyboard and let us know how much you’ve enjoyed your toys!


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Check Our Our New Checkout!


Ahem! Anyway…

As part of our ongoing mission to improve the user friendliness of our sites, we’ve introduced a new payment option on Impact-Toys.

It is now possible to pay by credit or debit card without being taken off to PayPal, which we understand can be a confusing experience for those unfamiliar with PayPal or who don’t have a PayPal account.

We have three payment options:

Card Payments (NEW!)

What you see: a seamless checkout experience that looks and feels just like the rest of Impact-Toys. No abrupt graphical changes, no wizzing off to PayPal or having to scrabble around with Internet Banking. User friendly and secure!

How it works: card details are submitted via a fully PCI compliant checkout and are sent along to Stripe, one of our secure payment gateways. Everything is fully covered by SSL security certificates and 100% legal, and we don’t see or handle any of your payment details. None of your payment details are collected or stored by our server, giving you peace of mind.

pay by card


What you see: once you have entered your shipping and billing address and checked your order is ready to go, you are taken off-site to PayPal where you have the option to log into your PayPal account (if you have one) or to pay by credit/debit card. You will then be returned to our site where you will get an order confirmation. Great for those who regularly use PayPal for their on-line shopping or for those who prefer to pay by card.

How it works: PayPal are a fully secure and PCI compliant payment gateway. With a great reputation worldwide, PayPal is a user friendly and highly trusted solution to taking payments online. As with our main card payment option, we do not see or handle any of your payment details and nothing is stored on our server. The only details we handle are those necessary to complete your order and send it out to you.

pay by paypal

Direct Bank Transfer

What you see: when you checkout via our Direct Bank Transfer option, we take your shipping details and then give you our bank account details. Perfect for those who like to use internet/mobile banking.

How it works: we do not take any payment details from you and you don’t have to worry about online security. Just take down our bank details and then choose how you wish to pay – over the counter at your bank, or by your trusted online or mobile banking provider.

bank transfer

Sound good?

We think so! Let us know what you think in the comments or by e-mail ( Any thoughts on other changes you’d like to see?

Please note: we plan to roll out our new card payment option across our other sites soon, but it is currently only available on Impact-Toys. You can still pay by bank transfer and PayPal (including card payments for those without a PayPal account) on Edgeplay.

(I’ll probably get punished for that awful pun in the title but it was so worth it…)

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On a budget? Toys for £25 and under!

On Impact-Toys, we have a really wide range to suit all budgets.

Our standard UK shipping is FREE and insures toys up to the value of £50, click here to see our full range of shipping options. 

Here are some of our “£25 & Under” toys:

This teeny dragon makes a great gift or stocking filler, and is ideal for light play, breast/genital torture and spanking scenes. Like all dragons, it is a ‘stingy’ rather than ‘thuddy’ toy, but it’s small size makes gives it a milder sensation than it’s larger cousins.

A great flogger for spanking, gentle impact, sensual play and those new to floggers! Also makes a great gift or stocking filler.

A great little dragon – ideal for more sensual play, those new to dragons or for short-range play. This toy will give a good bite and sting but can also be used to give a sensual stroke or tickle.

A great flogger for spanking, gentle to moderate impact and those new to floggers!

These fluffy floggers are great for sensual play and feel lovely when stoked on the skin. Used more heavily, they have a gentle ‘punchy’ sensation with a little sting.

When new, these floggers feel like horsehair. The falls will start to fluff up more as the flogger ages, becoming more and more sensual.

A variation on our fluffy floggers, these little beasties have a hidden sting! Choose from stingy or extra stingy. Great for sensual play, but can be used more heavily to elicit a delicious ‘yelp’.

This kitty may be small and cute, but it has a rather draconian sting!

This adorable Hello Kitty themed dragon tongue features a pink and white handle and a white leather lash. Great for spanking – the inner side of the lash gives a soft slap while the outer side gives a sharper sting.

These adorable Hello Kitty floggers feature bright pink and white leather and plaited oak handles in pink and white with pink and plum knots.

Jack Daniel’s themed flogger, choose from three conchos – Old No.7, Autograph and Portrait. Made with brown suede and black leather.

A severe braided cat with nunchuck handle, ideal for pain play and punishment.

Plus you can find more in our ‘Ready To Ship’ collection!

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Help, my parcel has not arrived!

So, you place an order with us and then wait excitedly for the parcel to arrive… but it doesn’t!

So what do you do?

Here our are tips for resolving any ‘missing items’ concerns:

1. Check the dispatch/waiting time

Depending on what you order, various products have different ‘lead times’ between ordering and dispatch. These are noted either on the products themselves or on the “Shipping & Waiting Times” page. Double check both the listings for the items you ordered and the waiting times page, to see if this accounts for the delay. Sometimes it’s a custom order item with a several week queue.

So you check the waiting time and are pretty sure your parcel should have arrived by now.

2. Check for a ‘sorry we missed you’ card

If the parcel has been dispatched, there is a chance that the Royal Mail or courier tried to deliver it and couldn’t get an answer at the door. In these cases, they should leave a “Sorry we missed you” card with details of how to claim the parcel.

No card? Next step…

3. Contact us!

If you’re sure you should have had your parcel and you are pretty sure that delivery was not attempted, get in touch! Our contact details are on our website and on our FetLife profile. If we still have the parcel for some reason (perhaps because we’re running over our custom waiting time) then we’ll let you know that it’s still in the queue to be made. We do endeavour to get in touch with all customers regarding significant delays to their orders, so if we’re overrunning the custom waiting time, chances are we’ve already spoken to you. We do occasionally find that our e-mails get routed through to ‘junk’ folders by the e-mail sorting cyber-monkeys, so if you’ve not heard from us and your order is delayed, make sure our sales@impact-toys address is set to ‘safe’ or added to your contact lists.

What happens if we’ve sent the parcel and it’s not arrived? We’ll check the parcel code to see if the Royal Mail or courier have an update on the parcel location, and advise accordingly. Sometimes parcels do get lost in the system, in which case we’ll discuss with you how to proceed. Please note that the time frame in which the Royal Mail and various couriers require to determine that a parcel is lost is often a few weeks, so there is a chance the parcel is delayed rather than lost. We’ll talk you through everything when you let us know your parcel hasn’t arrived.

If you follow these steps, we should be able to resolve any missing parcels problems and if appropriate, we will open a case with the postage company and re-send or refund your order.


  • Help, I can’t get in contact with you!

We have several e-mail addresses, two phone numbers, several social network profiles and of course, our FetLife profile. We respond to all mails, texts and other communications that we receive. Sometimes your e-mail ends up in our spam filter, so it’s best to send it from a private e-mail account rather than a company/work one, as ‘commercial’ seeming e-mails are more likely to be filtered. It can take 24-48 hours for us to respond, depending on our workload and what we’re up to. We don’t always respond at the weekend either – sometimes we like time off too! But usually we’ll respond the same day. If you have not had a response within a few days, try again on a different platform.

  • Help, I can’t find your contact details!

Check our FetLife profile and our website. Our main e-mail address is

  • I need my parcel urgently/for a specific date/faster than expected.

If you know when you’ll need the item for before you order, please let us know so we can advise you on any anticipated delays. If you realise after you ordered that you need the parcel earlier then expected, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

  • I heard from a friend that they never got their order…

Sadly, this happens sometimes. People perhaps feel nervous about making a fuss so they don’t contact us, but they might tell their friends that the toys never arrived. Sometimes there are misunderstandings about the waiting times – we’ve had people ask about ‘missing parcels’ for custom work that was only ordered a few days earlier, or who have expected Amazon-style next-day delivery (yes, we have had someone place an order at 8pm and then ask they they didn’t receive it the next day!). Misunderstandings happen, but we can only rectify the situation if we know about it.

Thinking of placing an order but put off by what someone has said? Ask around! Check out the reviews page on our FetLife profile. Ask us how we handle different order problems. Let your friend know that they can contact us to find a solution to their missing parcel (or damaged parcel, or whatever the problem may be)

  • I want to make sure my order is sent out with tracking and insurance

No problem! For Impact-Toys, we offer two postage rates for UK customers. Our free postage is ‘signed for’ and insured up to £50. We also offer a tracked service that insures up to £500 of goods for just £4.50. For international customers our postage rates start at £9.50 and we ask that non-UK customers get in touch before ordering, to avoid disappointment regarding postage and shipping expectations. We regularly send parcels to the USA, Australia, mainland Europe and beyond. Check out our “Shipping & Waiting Times” pages on our website for more information.

Sadly, if you have already placed your order and we have dispatched it, we can’t change the service or add extra insurance.

  • We get a parcel returned due to non-delivery

If we get a parcel returned to us, usually due to a failed delivery attempt and then it not being claimed by the recipient, we will immediately get in touch with you to let you know your order is safe and to discuss how you wish to proceed. This has happened a few times, and we’ve been unable to get hold of the recipient. If you do change your contact details, especially your address, please let us know! If we can’t contact you, we can’t help you get your parcel.

Remember – we can only help you if we know there is a problem! Please get in touch if you have any concerns about your order, especially if it doesn’t turn up.

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Custom Whip Freebies + Whip Care Kits

Everyone likes free stuff, right?

Well, as part of our ongoing improvements to our whip range, we’ve added a new basic whip maintenance kit which we be included for free with any custom order shot bag whip (i.e. any whip that isn’t in the “Beginners & Budget” section) ordered from today (03/06/14), and will be offered as an option on our beginners whips 🙂
This kit includes:
  • A handy carry bag, great for when you just want to take your whip out without any other bulky kit/bags
  • 5 replacement bonded nylon crackers
  • A replacement synthetic fall
This is added for free to your custom order!
And for just £7.50 (with free postage!), this is a cost effective way to get a replacement fall, crackers and a handy carry bag if you already have a whip.
We’ve also added a handy fall replacement kit, which includes:
  • A replacement fall in a choice of colours and lengths
  • A high quality lacing fid (we use these ourselves every day for our crafting!)
  • A high quality lacing needle (again, we use these ourselves every day!)
  • A replacement cracker

You can find both of these kits on in the ‘Accessories, Kits & Spares‘ section.
And don’t forget, our postage on Impact-Toys is super low:
  • FREE standard UK delivery with £50 postage insurance
  • Just £4.50 to upgrade to £500 postage insurance and order tracking
  • Just £9.50 for international orders, wherever you are in the world
Thanks for reading,
Daz & Az
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Changes to our whip range

We are currently updating the website to change our entire whip range. After 4 years of whipmaking I am going to the next level.

There are a lot of up and coming whipmakers on the scene now so it is time to up the game and distinguish myself from anyone else
So here is the plan:
  • My prices wont rise (YAY!!!)
  • The construction and design of my whips will change
  • I will be introducing a range of leather kip hide whips in the coming months
  • I will be adding a range of budget whips that are ideal for beginners

New Construction

My 12 plait and 16 plait whips will stay at their current price but will but upgraded to a shot bag based construction
What does this mean? Well instead of a core made with lead shot or BB’s loaded into paracord strands (a popular core type for nylon whips) I will be constructing my whips now with a leather shot bag core overlayed with a leather bolster and then a plaited belly (8 plait) and an overlay of 12 plait. If its a 16 plait whip, there will be a 16 plait over the 12 plait.
This construction gives the whip a more even taper, a smoother roll out and a more slender appearance without sacrificing weight. This is especially important for shorter scene/play whips, as they do not have a long plaited thong which would allow a very gradual taper with other construction methods.
This is a major upgrade to my whips and whilst is not instantly apparent from the external appearance it will prove itself in performance and brings my whips up to the construction methods of the worlds top whipmakers.

Beginner Whips

I will also be adding a range of beginner whips, based on the construction methods I have developed over the last 4 years.
This range will be limited to short whips that are ideal for scene play, and will have a lead weighted core (not a shot bag but my own design that I have been using for nearly 4 years). These whips will have a 16 plait overlay with a single belly.
  • 3 foot snakes £60 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist
  • 4 foot snakes £70 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist
  • 3 foot bulls £70 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist
  • 4 foot bulls £80 with the option to convert with a cow whip twist



There is great debate about which types of paracord are suitable for whipmaking; genuine (commercial spec) 550 paracord and MIL SPEC 550 paracord and 650 paracord and PET paracord. It can be very confusing (this blogmay help, there is lots of info)
Always bare in mind that paracord is fundamentally designed to keep people alive when using a parachute! Some of the differences are irrelevant for other applications of this material.
The main differences:
  • 550 MIL SPEC paracord – 550 lbs breaking strain, nylon, 7 strand core with each strand made of 3 twisted strands (made to a precise military specification)
  • 550 Commercial paracord – 550 lbs breaking strain, nylon, 7 strand core, designed for non-critical applications
  • 650 paracord – 350 lbs breaking strain, nylon, 4 strand core
  • PET (polyethylene terephthalte) paracord – breaking strain varies, polyester, 7 strand core, designed for non-critical applications
The main difference is in the inner strands; the number of strands, the weight (denier) of ther strands, the way they are twisted together and the construction of the strands…
These differences in the core are irrelevant when making whips as you are hardly going to throw yourself out of a plane, with a whip between you and a grisly end, hoping your whip doesn’t break… and anyway, all the inner strands are removed before plaiting most whips (our coyote whip retains the inner core).
PET is another popular cord, and is a polyester (as opposed to nylon) thermoplastic. While I wouldn’t make a parachute with it, it is still a very strong cord that in my view is more than suitable for whipmaking. As it is not made to a precise and consistent set of standards, the product can vary by manufacturer and there are some very shoddy cords but there are also some excellent PET cords out there – it’s all about finding the good stuff!
The great thing for me is that PET is available in so many colours including glow in the dark variants, camo, multi-coloured and reflective, as opposed to 550/650 which are more limited in their colours (especially compared to MIL SPEC 550). I also find PET is softer, almost silky, so when using the whip it doesn’t chafe your hands as much when used for extended periods (also helps me while making them!). Some have commented on PET’s lower melting point but lets face it, they aren’t fire whips and anyone trying to snuff out candles with a what is at the end of the day a plastic whip needs to think about what they are doing.

A note on Dacron

Dacron is a brand name for a PET product which, incidentally, is used for fillers in duvets and pillows among many other things. In fact Dacron themselves (the owner of the registered trade mark) are best known for making bedding. Dacron also make cords and ropes with their PET, and some of these are all the range at the moment in experimental whipmaking. We’re not saying that PET paracord is the same as PET Dacron cord – their construction is different and they are designed for different applications, but they are made of the same material. So when someone knocks PET ‘because it’s not nylon’, it’s worth remembering that nylon is not the be all and end all of synthetic whipmaking!

Thanks for reading!

You can find the full range on our website, which has now been fully updated. Any inquiries can be mailed to us on here or sent to
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Our current range of handmade impact toys

Synthetic singletail whips:

  • 12 plait snake whips, from 2 foot, prices start at £55
  • 16 plait snake whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £95
  • 12 plait bull whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £75
  • 16 plait bull whips, from 4 foot, prices start at £115
  • Hybrid bull whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £100
  • Signal hybrid whips, from 40″, prices start £100
  • Coyote snake whip, 3 foot, £50
See here for more details


  • the monster dragon 12″ handle with a ~40″ lash £50
  • the large dragon 12″ handle with a ~30″ lash £40
  • small dragon 6″ handle with a ~16″ lash £25
  • mini dragon 6″ handle with a ~10″ lash £15

Dragon variants:

  • dragon tail – pointed lash
  • split dragon – split lash
  • dragon tongue – rounded lash


Oak handled floggers:

  • heavy weight monster flogger 12″ handle, ~60 22″ 10mm wide falls £70
  • heavy weight monster flogger 12″ handle, ~30 22″ 20mm wide falls £70
  • monster flogger 12″ handle, ~40 22″ 10mm wide falls £50
  • monster flogger 12″ handle, ~20 22″ 20mm wide falls £50
  • heavy weight large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~60 18″ 10mm wide falls £60
  • heavy weight large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~30 18″ 20mm wide falls £60
  • large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~40 18″ 10mm wide falls £40
  • large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~20 18″ 20mm wide falls £40
  • light weight large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~20 18″ 10mm wide falls £30
  • light weight large flogger 8″ or 12″ handle, ~10 18″ 20mm wide falls £30
  • heavy weight medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~60 12.5″ 10mm wide falls £40
  • heavy weight medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~30 12.5″ 20mm wide falls £40
  • medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~40 12.5″ 10mm wide falls £30
  • medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~20 12.5″ 20mm wide falls £30
  • light weight medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~20 12.5″ 10mm wide falls £25
  • light weight medium flogger 6″ or 8″ handle, ~10 12.5″ 20mm wide falls £25
  • small flogger 6″ handle, ~40 9″ 7-10mm wide falls £25
  • small flogger 6″ handle, ~20 9″ 20mm wide falls £25
  • light weight small flogger 6″ handle, ~20 9″ 7-10mm wide falls £20
  • light weight small flogger 6″ handle, ~10 9″ 20mm wide falls £20
While some floggers are ‘light weight’ and some are ‘heavy weight’, these names simply indicate that the flogger has more or fewer falls than our standard floggers. Due to variations in the leather used, some ‘light’ floggers made with thick leather may be heavier than some standard floggers, and similarly some ‘heavy’ floggers made with thin leather may be lighter than some standard floggers. If you are aiming for a specific feel to a flogger (stingy, thumpy, scratchy, thuddy, etc) please contact us to discuss which of our floggers and leathers is most likely to suit you. We are now putting Sensation Ratings on our ready made stock, to help inform our customers.

Specialty floggers:

  • Nunchuck swivel floggers from £60/pair
  • Ball handle floggers from £80/pair
  • Braided floggers (see website)
  • Twisted fall flogger (see website)
  • Rabbit fur £40
  • Fluffy floggers, from £20

Optional extras:

We also have various additions/details that can be added to our toys:
  • Pointed falls ~£5 per flogger (depending on number of falls)
  • Corset detail (ball handles only) £5 per flogger
  • Wavy falls ~£5 per flogger (depending on number and length of falls)
  • Extra Spanish ring knots (ball handles, nunchucks) £5 each
  • Custom conchos (glass cabochon with image or engraved brass) from £10
  • A wide selection of optional upgrade conchos from £2.50
  • Themes (see website or message us to discuss)

Other impact toys:

  • Gorean Kurt/slave whip – 5 long, wide falls in heavy leather with a plaited handle £80
  • Devil-tail – the accursed offspring of a snake whip and a dragon, this had a flexible plaited thong with a short lash (pointed, split or rounded) £40
  • Cat – 9 long falls in heavy leather or rubber, with a semi-flexible plaited handle £50
  • Braided cat – round braided falls on a nunchuck handle, from £30
  • Leather straps – four different styles of strap, £35 each or £120 for the set

Bespoke designs

Contact us if you have a special design in mind – we love interesting projects! If we don’t make what you’re looking for, we’ll point you in the direction of a crafter who does.


  • pick any 3 or more items and we will give you a 10% discount (please contact us before ordering)
  • sets can be custom ordered or picked from our current stock selection
  • matched pairs count as 1 item.
  • Sets listed on our website already have 10% deducted from the price!
We have a wide range of leathers and suedes, as well as silicone, rubber and latex. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website, get in touch!
Cost may vary if we need to get in a specific colour or type of material, or if the number or length of falls varies significantly from our normal range.
Oak handles can be plaited in any of the colours from our paracord range in any of the plaiting styles we do (see picture gallery).
And don’t forget if you want something shorter, longer, heavier or lighter we can customise your toy to suit you.
We are now putting Sensation Ratings on our ready made stock, to help inform our customers of how the toy may feel.
We ship worldwide (prices exclude shipping). Check here for currency conversion.
Daz & Az