The Joker – Large Themed Flogger


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A large flogger with generous 12 inch oak handle, coloured in The Joker’s signature green, purple and red. We have finished this striking flogger with a glass character concho featuring The Joker himself.

This flogger has soft suede falls and gives a lovely thumpy sensation on impact. The softness of the falls means that is also feels great when stroked or draped on the skin, to give a contrast to the impact sensation.

Why not grab ‘Harley Quinn’ to make a set?


  • 39 narrow purple and green suede falls
  • falls are 18 inches long
  • 12 inch oak handle core
  • Purple, green and red plaited handle grip
  • Turks head pommel knot
  • Glass character concho

Sensation Rating:

Thud – 2/10
Thump – 6/10
Sting – 3/10