Large Flogger Black w. Purple Crystal Studs


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This is a beautiful and sophisticated black suede flogger with purple crystal rivet studs pressed into the tips of the falls.

The studs give this flogger both a distinctive sound and a distinctive feel. When used with force, the flogger is both thuddy and stingy with the weight of the purple crystals.

Finished with a pair of turks head knots and purple knot detailing to match the crystals.


  • 40 narrow cut falls
  • 60 purple crystal rivet studs
  • Falls are 18 inches long
  • 8 inch oak handle
  • Black handle plait for grip
  • Double decorative knots
  • Coordinating purple knot detailing

Only one available.

Sensation Rating:

Thud – 4/10
Sting – 7/10
Thump – 3/10


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