Ball Handle Floggers – Red & Black

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A matched pair of black and red leather ball handle floggers with frosted white polypropylene ball handles.

Idea for two handed work and rhythmic flogging, this light yet thumpy floggers work as a seamless extension of your arm for superior control and motion.

The hold the floggers, slide the stem of the ball handles between the first and index finger, or any pair of fingers where they are comfortable. The ball acts as a stopper. With practice, these floggers do not need a firm grip and feel very natural in the hand.

The soft leather gives a range of sensation and allows for sensual warm ups, stingy flicks and thumpy blows. Try both floggers in one hand for heavier impact.


  • 20 wide cut falls on each flogger
  • Falls are 18 inches long
  • Light polypropylene ball handles
  • Grapevine whipping detail
  • Finished with Spanish ring knots

Sensation Rating (used singly):

Thump – 6/10
Thud – 1/10
Sting – 3/10


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