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Its Finally Happening … workshop move

After all the uncertainty in the last year its finally coming together   The workshop and home have been pretty much packed up since October 2016 making work and home life difficult then our buyer dropped out However the new buyer has pulled through and we have a move Date of 15th June 2017 this […]

just a quick reminder…Rome

I am flying out to Rome on Thursday I am a presenter at the Rome BDsM conference so I wont be able to post anything that day I return the early hours of Wednesday 8th March Normal service will resume Thursday 9th March All orders Placed today and after will be delt with on my […]

Critters In Need toy fund

  FINAL TOTAL   £280.98 (US$ 341.89) (total buying power for the critters £468.30 $569.81) Donation of a fluffy flogger £25.00 because of my silly bet on fetlife £10 last updated 01/03/17 22.:42   A Lot of you will know about Critters in Need they run some awesome charity auctions and on several occasions […]

Curren order book status

Firstly I would like to thank (again) everyone for their patience while life has been a bit of a maelstrom really getting through them now 36 orders on the books 56 Items to make making some real progress on the order book barring one or 2 orders that I am waiting on items to come […]

Leather Leather Leather …Sjambok

I have now started to move into leather whips this will also mean leather handled floggers  and dragons etc too The first one is the fearsome Sjambok This is my Rustic range beginning point There are a lot of whipmakers who do lovely Roo hode  pretty fine plaiting I wanted to do something a little […]

so it happened

I’ve keep pretty quiet about my Dad As I posted a couple of weeks ago  he was pretty poorly It turned out to be late stage lung cancer he was diagnosed on the 13th May 2016 Yesterday 28th May 2016  he possed away quietly in his own bed with me my mum and the dog […]

Contact form and newsletter subscription

I have been made aware of a problem with the  web emailing system which I have hopefully fixed and newsletter subscriptions or contact forms over the last few weeks have been disappearing  on me so If you have sent one I have not been ignoring you they have not got here   If you want […]

a little bit more than a cut finger

ok so I need a deep breath so some of you may or may not know my dad has been pretty poorly over the last couple of weeks so today we were told he has about a year to live 🙁 my head has imploded just a little I’m sorry to all […]

Waiting List Update

I am getting an increasing number of emails asking about waiting times although I have tried to make this clear   the current waiting time is 12-14 weeks   Again life got in the way and I badly burnt one of my hands just before Xmas which meant I havent been able to make anything […]

custom order waiting time reduction

I am currently working on orders 8-10 weeks old     So the waiting time is coming down slowly I am hoping to have the custom order waiting time back to normal 6-8 weeks by the end of the month now that all the hospital appointments are out of the way and I have been discharged […]

kicking off the new year with a bang

so we start the end of 2014 and welcome in the new year 2015 tonight 2014 was a year of ups and downs for us as a business and I really want to kickstart the new year with a bang In view of this I am starting the new year with our BIGGEST ever discount […]


so there have been some changes round here

here are 2 writings that we put up recently on fetlife …. sad news but not the end of the story … so this is how it is for the near future at least … my announcement … so its been a tough year Very very tough but I’m still here (much to the disappointment […]

purple rivet flogger

New Toy Designs!

Over the last couple of months we have experimented with some great new styles of flogger, whip and dragon. Here is a run down of some of our new creations and where you can order them: Rabbit Fur with Leather Flogger All the decadence and sensuality of our rabbit fur floggers, but with extra thump […]

5 foot black red snake

Synthetic Fall Repairs

The fall of a whip wears out … its one of the parts of the whip under the most strain when you crack it even more so if you havent got a cracker / popper on it even leather whip falls wear they get on the ground hit things at supersonic speeds and generally take […]

fancy whipmakers single colour med

Beginners’ Whips

We are often asked what whip we would recommend for a beginner. The huge variety of whip types, materials and lengths often puts people off taking the leap as it can seem impossibly intimidating to work out which is the right whip to start with. Not to mention it can be a costly mistake to […]

joker whip concho

Themed Toys

This month we went a bit DC crazy and made a set of toys themed after The Joker and Harley Quinn from the Batman comics. The set includes two large floggers and two 4 foot premium snake whips, each coloured and themed after one of the characters. Check them out! The Joker – Flogger | […]

markvi bull whip

Whipmaking – The Progression

So I have already moved the whip making forwards and started using leather shot bags and bolsters in the core of my whips, moving on from the lead weighted core I developed over the past few years. It has been an amazingly steep learning curve, just from changing one thing. My new leather splitter has […]

braided cat 2

Review Us!

Hi all! Just a quick one to let you know that we offer 10% discount codes for recommendations of our kit! It doesn’t matter how long ago you bought it – write a great review and link it to us via FetLife (@Edgeplay_co_uk) or e-mail ( Reviews can be posted on FetBook, FetLife, the product […]

Check Our Our New Checkout!

-tumbleweed- Ahem! Anyway… As part of our ongoing mission to improve the user friendliness of our sites, we’ve introduced a new payment option on Impact-Toys. It is now possible to pay by credit or debit card without being taken off to PayPal, which we understand can be a confusing experience for those unfamiliar with PayPal or […]

black suede kitty dragon

On a budget? Toys for £25 and under!

On Impact-Toys, we have a really wide range to suit all budgets. Our standard UK shipping is FREE and insures toys up to the value of £50, click here to see our full range of shipping options.  Here are some of our “£25 & Under” toys: Mini dragon tail £15 Mini dragon tongue £15 This […]

small green twists

Help, my parcel has not arrived!

So, you place an order with us and then wait excitedly for the parcel to arrive… but it doesn’t! So what do you do? Here our are tips for resolving any ‘missing items’ concerns: 1. Check the dispatch/waiting time Depending on what you order, various products have different ‘lead times’ between ordering and dispatch. These are noted […]

fall replacement kit

Custom Whip Freebies + Whip Care Kits

Everyone likes free stuff, right? Well, as part of our ongoing improvements to our whip range, we’ve added a new basic whip maintenance kit which we be included for free with any custom order shot bag whip (i.e. any whip that isn’t in the “Beginners & Budget” section) ordered from today (03/06/14), and will be offered as […]

6 foot black sig plait bull

Changes to our whip range

We are currently updating the website to change our entire whip range. After 4 years of whipmaking I am going to the next level. There are a lot of up and coming whipmakers on the scene now so it is time to up the game and distinguish myself from anyone else So here is the […]

red black mini snake

Our current range of handmade impact toys

Synthetic singletail whips: 12 plait snake whips, from 2 foot, prices start at £55 16 plait snake whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £95 12 plait bull whips, from 3 foot, prices start at £75 16 plait bull whips, from 4 foot, prices start at £115 Hybrid bull whips, from 3 foot, prices start […]